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  1. Cade Palmer Endless Swoop Vid: http://youtu.be/f6CvVEJQKwA
  2. I managed to climb with my paraglider inside a cloud to 6230 meters (20.424 ft) to then jump with my BASE rig. Here is the vid: http://youtu.be/tL03d9gXz6A hope you like it, cheers H
  3. What is this guy wearing on his helmet?
  4. Hi, i have a 5d m2 and use it for aerial filming (normally paragliders) I haven't experimented yet with IS lenses and can't find any examples of skydiving with IS on, is it possible/better? I know the small camcorders suck at freefalling with Image Stab on, but is this the case for DSLRs? Here is a video i shot last week with a sigma 17-35 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEEUJNYZps0 Thanks guys, blue skies
  5. http://www.iconixvideo.com/ This is the absolutely best lipstick camera system...
  6. Yeah, i have never flown in a tandem canopy (skydiving) but it make sense because of the 2 risers instead of 4 riser layout on the paragliders... so if you have a broken brake you cut away aswell? is that the normal (by the book) procedure? Cheers
  7. i am not a tandem skydiver, but i am a professional tandem paraglider pilot. I know that you have to trust your equipment and all that, but if i open my canopy and it is perfectly flying and i have a locked toggle, i am pretty sure i wouldn"t cut away. i prefer to even cut the brake, and land on rear risers. i know you have little time to resolve before you are out of height to cut away, but i will definitely fight a little. I think we as tandem paragliders are more used to have small canopy mishaps (little branches on take off, colapses that get cravated and such) and the reserve (round) landings are not that fun, so i keep emergency procedures for bad emergencies. Nice Video and for sure a super experience for the passenger...
  8. Have somebody tried the Nikon D90 or Canon 5D MII on video mode? thoughts, samples and opinions?
  9. Does anyone have a video to share (helmet mounted) of the d90 or Canon Mark ii for that matter? Thanks, just deciding where to go bankrupt...
  10. Not to mention the auto exposure, auto whitebalance, all in focus system. this leads to color shift in any change of angle in relationship to the sun (imagine how bad it can be for skydiving). I have had lipstick cameras with good sony ccd's, the resolution is good, but the results with a small camera is just light years better. As DSE said, the Iconix is the one! H
  11. The good thing about my setup is that the image projected on the screen is actually in the place it would be if you didnt have the rig, so it is really instinctive to film what you are looking at. even when you are full zoomed in i can find little objects a lot faster than if the camera was on a tripod.
  12. Is not that bad when you want to look foward (open the 2 eyes) but for sure is not good for anything where you need critical depth perception. You can fly a high performance canopy but if you want to swoop it hardcore, don't try to film with this rig at the same time.
  13. it is actually a myvu (www.myvu.com) old style screen, that i got from ebay for 150 $. i am not advertising a product, just saying that is nice to do it. for some examples of on flight video, you can check www.flyozone.com/because look specifically for the 1st shot of the paraglider in the dune, (sec 39) and also the infinit tumble at sec 49 cheers