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  1. yeah...just make sure you finish before you leave
  2. oh please any body that knows anything buys a chevy
  3. in my front yard at lke 9:30 on a sunday morning. yup just me and a pillow in my bday suit and yes people were around....
  4. yeah the funny thing is i used this number to pick up a chick at the bar yesterday. I almost died when i saw your post...
  5. toot toot....why would you even post this
  6. dcm

    The Sims

    i have no idea ... more pictures and i may be able to tell you
  7. "Yeah, I think he should trust his own judgement at 100 jumps (150 including base). At what point do you think he should be allowed to think for himself? " ................. oh my god I think he may be on to something here ladies !!! Thank you
  8. so just made my first few jumps on a new prodigy this weekend..... fun times !!!
  9. would late may be better ?
  10. hey how is the weather there in the first part of may?
  11. dcm


    hey so when is the best time to go there ? august? july? june?
  12. dcm

    tbhis is hilarious

    yeah the only thing funnier is a person that must just suck at everything making a post trying to drag a fellow base jumper down. dont be an ass !!!!!!!!!!!