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  1. fergs

    Skydive Canberra

    Embrace the fear, hop in the plane, soak up the sights of Canberra city and it’s districts, feel the rush of a lifetime as you free fall with your experienced instructor, scream out with joy as you fly your parachute and glide back down and land on the green grass of Deakin Oval – back to where you started this crazy adventure. We have a unique, fun and relaxed atmosphere to ensure you have the absolute most amazing experience possible.
  2. fergs

    50 years

    Total respect from Australia, Bill. You rock always!
  3. fergs

    New GoPro Wrist and ankle mounts

    The wrist mount looks great. Any pics with the camera attached and on a hand?
  4. fergs

    DZ's in Saudi Arabia?

    Hi Justin, I had many years (14 total) living in Saudi – including 3 in Khobar. You’ll have a good time there – lots to do, especially great desert camping and 4x4 trips, as well as scuba diving and misc other water sports. It’s also very handy to many great destinations for vacation time. Saudi has occasional sport jumping where foreigners are able to participate. PM me and I’ll give you some contacts there. Otherwise Umm Alquwain (UAQ) is closest to you. It’s around 1000kms (600 miles) from Khobar and across the Saudi / UAE border. You’ll need a multiple exit/re-entry visa for ease of travel, so make sure your employer gives this automatically within your employment agreement. There’s no real policed speed limits in the region, so the trip can be quite fast if you’re game for it (I won’t encourage you by letting you know what time you have to beat). But be aware that most cars really chew through fuel at a sustained 200 kph (120mph) and above …. UAQ is sometimes very busy and other times not so. They host boogies at times and so it can be hectic at these times. There’s accommodation available adjacent to the DZ at the Barracuda hotel – either in a hotel room or self contained cottage. Take a look at the DZ and Barracuda on Google earth, DZ at 25 34’ 54.94N, 55 39’ 14.22E. Cottages are at 25 35 17.42N 55 39 12.88E. If you’re in Khobar, Bahrain is an easy drive across the Causeway. There you can have a beer, go to a movie and generally shop for many items that are unavailable back across the border. Have fun in Saudi. Cheers, fergs
  5. fergs

    Sydney Boogie?

    Ben, I'll be there - but only 26, 27 and possibly a bit of 28 December. You'll be able to jump your tail off, so arrive with a big store of energy. Are you coming for vacation or other? fergs
  6. fergs

    Australia DZ near beach?

    Byron Bay DZ in northern New South Wales has some stunning costline. Lots of accommodation opitions in the town, a few kms away. When are you visiting Oz?
  7. fergs

    New Saudi Made rig

    Nice one Husam. pm me when you have a minute. fergs
  8. fergs

    X-Bow & T-Bow

    I had a T-bow back in the 70's. Bought it second hand and it never had packing instructuons. I'd just side-flake it and sleeve it like a cheapo or PC - although the sleeve wasn't neartly as long due to size and length of the flaked canopy. You still have to stow the crown lines in the linestow area at top end (closest Pilot Chure) of the sleeve. Only difference from memory was I had to set the brakes - pull the brake line over the doubled line which was on the main brake line from the toggle end. Sounds weird and hard to describe - but look for a doubled 3 or 4 inch line sewn onto the brake line. Go further up and see the lines that end at a little grommit type thingy. The grommit has to slide down and pop over the doubled yellow lines. You'll see what I mean when you go look. Enjoy, fergs
  9. fergs

    Bird Strike

    Hey jennifer, Yep - I got biiiig wings! Better, I guess, to be up there playing with the eagles than down at ground level squabbling with all the turkeys, hahahah. Blue Skies, fergs
  10. fergs

    Jumping Nr Qatar

    1. Umm Al Quwayn, north of Dubai - often suffer from problems with aircraft - so best to be sure jumping is happenng the dates you go. 2. Thummama, near Riyadh, Saudi. It's only recently opened so not sure of how often they operate. Sauid visa may be a problem. 3. Amman, Jordan has on and off jumping. 4. Pretty sure no civilian jumping in Qatar Blue Skies, fergs
  11. fergs


    Hey Hector, A nice post - let's hope many jumpers read it and take heed.Thanks. I heard of this incident a day or two after it happened. A lucky guy he is, for sure. Plus .... I've now started wearing a hard hat for any wingsuit flight I'm on that includes anyone else. Let's all stay safe. Blue Skies and long flights, fergs
  12. fergs

    Skydiving in the Middle East ?

    Depends where you are going to be. Let me know the countries you are visiting and when and i'll see what I can come up with. fergs
  13. Squeak, Then it sounds like you best come over East!! I've got a wingsuit that I suspect will be a nice fit for you. Hmmmm. f
  14. fergs

    Picton on Saturday anyone?

    I'm not in Sydney so cannot help - but are you aware that they have a bus that picks up all-and-sundry down town each morning? Give them a call to coordinate, as it may be a convenient ride for you. fergs
  15. fergs

    'share the love' boogie

    I believe that it's finally confirmed for 11 and 12 February. fergs