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  1. Jez, take care, following is a cut and paste from the Diplomat Internatiomal Travel policy wording: The Diplomat International provides Accident and Sickness Medical Coverage, Travel Assistance, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits to Individuals while traveling outside their Home Country, but not to the United States. Coverage is available for you, a second adult, unmarried dependent Children, or Children traveling alone.
  2. I'm sure you've checked the policy wording with respect of cover for parachuting / sport parachuting / skydiving. Regardless, it's always good to call their help line and ask specific questions. Take the name of the person you spoke to and take notes, including date and time of the call. Be sure to check maximum duration of any single trip. Although you may have bought a 12 month policy, there is likely to be a limit on any one trip. It's often 60 days. Occasionally 90 days. I had an uninsured skydiving accident in the 70's in the US. Broke my femur and various other injuries. First Hospital the ambulance took me to refused to accept me due no insurance. Next 10 days was surgery and minimum recuperation time and cost equivalent of 7 months salary. Then flew home and had next 3 months in an aussie hospital at a total cost of around a hundred dollars. Yahoo for Medicare. DO NOT skydive in the US unless you are 110% certain that you have medical cover that will cover you.
  3. UC is a very good university. 2 hours to the surf. 2 hours to the snow. 2 hours to Picton or Moruya DZs. Nice countryside. Relaxed city. Would be a good choice.
  4. fergs

    iFly Singapore

    Hey stevo, I'm back there next week, wednesday to Friday. Fergs
  5. ... a walking-Around-Legend.
  6. fergs

    iFly Singapore

    ... and I pass through Singapore again tomorrow. I used Scoot out of Sydney this trip - $260 or so each way - not bad. Tunnel, DZ, free accommodation, Skyvans, Twotters, balloon .... you are still a tart. hahaha. Ciao, f
  7. fergs

    iFly Singapore

    Squeak, let me know how it all works out. I've had a cpl sessions in the Singapore tunnel and like the location. So am interested to see how they come at bulk time buys. Ciao, fergs
  8. Then start training yourself to hold your breath longer.... Post pics.
  9. What size Firebolt are you looking for?
  10. Although some years ago, I made Headcorn my home-DZ when living a couple of years in the UK. It was easy to get to, friendly crowd there, great jumping, nice pubs nearby and all in all a very good drop zone. So just try it and make your own decision. If you pay attention to all the whiners and whingers, you'll never end up going anywhere. Just find somewhere that makes your skydiving easy and fun. Then jump lots and enjoy. Life is good, Headcorn or a host of dz's can make it better. .
  11. Embrace the fear, hop in the plane, soak up the sights of Canberra city and it’s districts, feel the rush of a lifetime as you free fall with your experienced instructor, scream out with joy as you fly your parachute and glide back down and land on the green grass of Deakin Oval – back to where you started this crazy adventure. We have a unique, fun and relaxed atmosphere to ensure you have the absolute most amazing experience possible.
  12. Total respect from Australia, Bill. You rock always!
  13. Hi, 1. You just had an opening hard enough for you to remember it. 2. No 3. Analog for a hundred or two jumps. 3. Now 4.listen to your instructor. 5. Yes, as long as you can still afford jump tickets. 6. Yes 7. Flare at the correct height. 8. Kilkenny or Boddingtons or Guiness. Cheers, fergs
  14. Gary has my total respect and admiration. I certainly look forward to seeing his successful landing. He has put in meticulous planning and training for this project. Do it!