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  1. I am sad to announce that Andy Ring, a former instructor at Headcorn, UK, passed away on Saturday 6th August. If you wish to share any memories of Andy, we are collecting stories and thoughts. Please PM me. Please also let me know if you would like more details about Andy's funeral, once announced. Please pass this message to anyone else who would want to know this sad news. Andy will be missed.
  2. Yossarian, I agree with you. Each DZ has their own system for flight line checking. At mine everyone needs to be signed off by an appropriately qualified flight line checker. The JM then checks that everyone has a signature. I've been to other DZs where only the JM has to sign for the load. They still have to make sure everyone has been checked, normally by asking "everyone checked?". An advantage of the "everyone must get signed individually" system is that, in a worst case scenario, it's possible to track, not only the JM, but the flight line checker as well. IMO, as long as the JM has ensured everyone has been checked then they've upheld their responsibilities.
  3. There is no rule against a qualified JM checking a tandem instructor. Students must be checked by an appropriate instructor, but the rule does not apply to the instructors themselves. Having said that, I imagine most JMs would feel uncomfortable checking out a TI and many TIs insist that another TI checks them out. In response to the responsibility of the JM, the Ops Manual says "The JM is responsible for ensuring that all parachutists below FAI ‘B’ Certificate (Red) on board have been checked." The question is, how far does this responsibility go? When I JM I make sure everyone's signed for, but I don't check all of the A certs myself.
  4. Today I took a party of 12 teenagers to Airkix. Unfortunately, we were caught up in a huge traffic jam due to an accident on the M25. We were sat on the motorway for 3 hours without moving! The team at Airkix were great. Although we missed our flights they bent over backwards to accomodate us. They arranged a new time later in the day and everyone got to fly. I was also impressed with the instruction the kids received. After 4 minutes in the tunnel they each managed to fly unaided, including controlling fall rate and doing turns (to various levels of success). It was my first time at Airkix, I normally fly at Bedford. IMHO both wind tunnels are a massive asset to skydiving in the UK. I will definitely arrange another school trip to a wind tunnel in the future (especially since I get to fly too!) Big Tony
  5. I'll second all of these comments. An awesome day of flying followed by a great party. My muscles ache but probably from the "bottle game" - whose idea was that? Great photos Ross. Tony KB P.S. I've completely forgotten your embarrassing moment, Maddy!
  6. I've just spent an hour at Bedford this weekend doing Free Jive's (Chris Lynch / Rob Silver) tunnel camp. I was very impressed with the tunnel, facilities and friendliness / professionalism of the staff at Bodyflight. Obviously, there are things to work on - it's only been open a month - but Paul was always keen to listen to ideas on how to improve his great facility. With regards to the size of the tunnel for newbies. I was learning to backfly and sitfly and spent most of the time on the wire mesh. The instructors keep the power down until they think you're ready for more. It was only when I was a bit more confident / skilled (?) that the power was turned up and I was able to fly about a bit - thus reducing the chance of building up momentum and crashing into a wall at speed. By the way Chris, sorry about flying my leg into your balls! I hope you're still OK! Big Tony
  7. Thanks for the support. How about this for irony. I did two jumps today and had two nice landings, no problems. I'm then late for the appointment with the bank manager and so run down the high street, side step off a curb and twist my knee. I've now got an ice pack on and I'm thinking that I won't be able to jump tomorrow, or go bowling as planned! Tony
  8. Today I finalised a mortgage to buy a new house. It won't be built until December, but that piece of grass and soil is now mine! My plans to buy the entire world have now started! Now I need to work out how I can pay a mortgage and still skydive.....
  9. Just out of interest. If you want to know the proof for virtually any maths (math for Yanks) theory check this out: It evens proves that 2+2=4. Edited to add: BTW, to completely prove that 2+2=4 you need to folllow 21,969 steps!
  10. Ah yes, a good night. Was it really only 4.07am? It felt much later than that! Can't wait till the next AGM.
  11. YAY!!!!!! Inspection over and I'm drunk. Now I can skydive all weekend (except it's bloody freezing out there). I was judged to be "very good to excellent", so that's good news....
  12. Of course we don't need to practice to look like geniuses j/k Macca, was there any jumping today? The weather started good then the clouds came in.
  13. I'll be there. It'll be my presecond AGM. It sounds fun. I haven't booked a room, but should find a floor to crash on. Is there a dresscode for the dance?
  14. OFSTED: The Office For Standards in Education. UK government schools inspectorate. They visit the school for a week, once every 6 years. I don't mind the inspection - its the workload before they turn up, making sure all of the paperwork and admin is completely up-to-date, that's a hastle.