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  1. I have no "commerical motives". How does this apply to me?
  2. Hey! Is anybody interested in flying together at the Hollywood tunnel??? Great rates for midweek, late night. Id love to fly on a regular basis, every couple of weeks perhaps.... Anybody interested in getting into a routine, or just being notified when we need an extra person???
  3. This is my favorite Flytrybe video, Benjamin... .and not just because Im in it! You did such a great job. Love the Chicks Rock footage too... Big thumbs up!
  4. Thegirlwonder.... thats me!
  5. Thanks for the advice guys! Congratulations on your wedding Skymama!
  6. Im going to be in Orlando for a conference November 2nd through the 6th. I was thinking about renting a car and going out to either Titusville or Deland on Saturday. Anyone have any thoughts on the two dropzones? Worth the drive? Anyone going to be out there that weekend? Im trying to decide whether its worth it to rent a car and go out there, or if I should just play in the tunnel which is right next to my hotel... Thoughts?
  7. by Rabbi Goldson
  8. 3 weeks... If theyre dating they probably get it at the same time...
  9. Definitley get through college so you can get a good paying job that will help support your habit. Besides that, its up to you to determine how you allocate your funds. I make a great living for my age, but since getting into this sport, I live paycheck to paycheck. I cut cost wherever I can, put equipment on my credit card, and juggle bills to pay for jumps.. Trust me, Im not recommending this. I wish I was more responsible with my money. Maybe I will regret this later in life, but right now, nothing makes me happier than jumping and being at the dz... so thats what I do...
  10. This isnt very original but when I was a kid I used to get a kick out of the "Suran wrapped toilet" trick. Lift the seat of the toilet up and wrap suran wrap around the boy seat... put the girls seat back down. My poor mom peed all over the bathroom floor on more than a few occasions. My dad thought it was hilarious... My mom... not so much
  11. Female 24 1. When it comes to thrill seeking, which description best fits you: a) nature lover b) weekend warrior c) adrenaline junkie d) extreme athlete e) other (please describe) C ADRENALINE JUNKIE 2. What type of thrill seeking activities do you actively engage? SKYDIVING 3. How many hours per week do you concentrate on these activities? _____ 0-4 ______ 4-8 _____8-12 ___X___ 12 or more 4. How much experience do you have in your given thrill? _______0-6 months ___X___ 6-12 months _____1-3 years _____ 3 years or more 5. Given the following scale, how would you rate the risk involved with your thrill(s)? 0-no risk of injury 3-slight risk of injury 5-training/experience necessary 7-competence required 10-high risk of injury or possible death Thrill Rating Comments 8 ALWAYS THE RISK OF DEATH AND INJURY AND FACTORS OUT OF YOUR CONTROL. COMPETENCE AND TRAINING MAKE IT SAFER. 6. Choose the phrase that best fits you: ___a) I may not be an ‘adrenaline junkie’ but I like the opportunity to engage in thrill seeking activities because I enjoy it/them. _X__b) I am a true thrill seeker. I chose this lifestyle because I enjoy mastering my discipline. ___c) I participate in thrills to promote a positive outlet for stress rather than seeking negative sensations. ___d) A rush of adrenaline and knowing that I just cheated death keep me coming back. 7. When seeking a thrill, I am willing to put myself at risk _____Never _____Not Likely __X___Sometimes _____Occasionally ____Always 8. I believe that my knowledge and competence makes me less susceptible to the dangers of seeking risky thrills. ____Strongly Disagree ____Disagree ___Unsure _X___Agree ____Strongly Agree 9. I would rate my health as: ____Excellent ___X___Good ______Fair ______Average _____Poor 10. I am open to experimenting with new sensations even if they are illegal. ____Strongly Disagree ____Disagree ___Unsure _X___Agree ____Strongly Agree
  12. 2007 Goals.... 1. Hit 400 jumps (only 340 to go) 2. Be solid in my sitfly and headdown 3. Go on a skydiving trip to Europe 4. Develop good canopy skills 5. Stay alive
  13. I love my cat but she usually doesnt get to sleep in my room or my roommates rooms unless we dont have to wake up for anything the next day. She's about 7 or 8 months old and still hasnt learned to sleep through the night yet. Every few hours she wakes up like someone dropped Speed in her Kitty Chow... bolts all over the room, runs into walls, jumps on my head, and does flips off the side of my bed... I am not exaggerating. It takes her 45 minutes to an hour to calm back down and then she'll go back to sleep for another few hours. I think my cat is crazy... which Im sure I could have forseen considering she was born at a DZ
  14. Are we the only state that its legal in???