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  1. A step in the right direction: Vibe has completed a fantastic season, posting a 16.7 to top the Advanced score board: http://skyleague.geeq.de/pages/scores/results.php?event=26&meetNumber=11&nslyear=2012
  2. Looking for a 4th and a videographer to do 13 3-day training weekends: 3 camps at Paraclete XP, 10 camps in Perris or Eloy (12 hours and 300 jumps).
  3. An update: we have a group of 3 athletic and bank rolled individuals in their mid-twenties. Looking for a 4th. Please inquire privately.
  4. The team is still brewing. I was at Nationals with Old Greg as a pick-up.
  5. We're revving up recruitment. XP is the likely venue for meet-and-greet weekends. Inquire by private message or phone.
  6. Ron, a bit of background is available here. The drop zone is irrelevant at this point, though west coast weather is more attractive.
  7. I am building an Open class amateur 4-way FS project targeting an 18-20 point average within a span of 2 training seasons: * No-nonsense fast growth with focus on best training value. * 50+ training days per year by means of long weekends. * Open to international competitors (guest team at the USPA Nationals). Inquire by private message or phone (70-AWRY-4-WAY).
  8. Today there was something today that surpassed Brian mounting Jimmy, as Mikhail and Don are now expecting ..... I thought I was watching some vintage Texsexuals in action. Brown chicken, brown cow. I might catch you guys in the afternoon, but I have 4-way both days.
  9. All, We are looking for a 4th member to join a Northern California 4-way FS team. We are seeking to compete in the Intermediate category at Nationals 2009. The preliminary plan is 3-4 training days a month, plus 2 tunnel sessions a month. Training at The Parachute Center in Lodi will get us $13 Otter loads! Please send me a PM if you are at all interested. I will follow up via email or phone. Blue skies, Mikhail
  10. Imagine a DC3 half-filled with night jumpers and half-filled with completely wasted observers. On New Year's Eve.
  11. Phil, I'd be happy to reimburse you for a 12-pack as well! I can only get Moosehead down here. Byron will be represented quite well. 5 others are arriving with me on the 27th; I know at least 6 more who are joining at other times. Counting down the days!
  12. http://www.uspa.org/SIM/Read/Section3/tabid/165/Default.aspx#654 SIM Section 3-1.D.5: I recently went from CSPA A to USPA C by fulfilling the requirements of USPA B and C.