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  1. I know this thread is old, but are there any riggers in the Boston/Cambridge area (aside from those listed above)?
  2. This is an interesting story because I had a friend who broke his back while jumping in the US. He had all of his expenses covered by his healthcare from Canada. I also spent a few months living in the US a few years ago and contacted our healthcare provider to check and see if I would be covered. They said absolutely, as long as I was not going to be there for more than 6 months I think. I just had to inform them when I left and when I returned.
  3. Thanks for your concern! Fortunately, I married a US citizen and after a load of paperwork I was awarded a Green card, and am allowed to work here (I currently am). Thanks for the reminder! I certainly will when I get out there my first time. Also a good point!
  4. Thanks for the reply Remster! I just checked the SIM and it looks like a recurency jump is required (not surprising). Now I just need to meet some skydivers in Boston to carpool with.
  5. Hey All, I tried doing a search on this, but nothing useful came up. I moved to the US last summer and haven't made a jump since I've been here (mainly due to lack of transportation), but I am going to try and make it out this summer. In Canada I had a C license, and 600 jumps. I know I will need USPA membership, but are my licenses valid or do I need to apply for USPA licenses? Thanks!
  6. For the ten people that voted they don't know what a sky tie is:
  7. Actually, I would recommend against pillow reserve handle for the time being. Being new you should stick to what is familiar (stainless handle). It provides a more positive/easy manner of extraction.
  8. Using a sophisticated counting method it appears to be 27 cell...
  9. Thank you for the mature, informative post. Do you honestly think they weren't motivated? They had continual efforts put forth to improve the matter, they might not have worked, but they tried. People are so ignorant and arrogant it's amazing...
  10. I don't know what's wrong with Aerodyne's website? I've been on it frequently recently considering an Icon as my next rig. I love their website, very easy to navigate, and answered nearly all my questions. The only question it didn't answer was about pull-out systems, and within a few hours I had one of the nicest, most informative replies from a manufacturer. Also, I jump a Javelin, so I'm not bias towards Aerodyne. P.S. Cut in laterals won't change how well you freefly, I've done 500 jumps without em and I can fall just like my friends with em.
  11. Is the speaker pointed towards the ear or away?
  12. I'll second Brian Germain's book, "The Parachute And It's Pilot" It will answer most questions you could have any canopy piloting. Something else I'd recommend is a Brian Germain canopy course, you get plenty of aerodynamic details, as well as practical coaching.
  13. I learned everything I know from packing. I became a packer early and packed student and tandem gear. Keeping the operationg going ensured I had many jumps with the DZO's and tandem masters at the end of the day. Best possible way to make money and learn.
  14. I wouldn't consider it at all because I can't stand the look of the thing. Here's what Mike Gruwell thinks: