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    Basik Seven

    I wouldn't consider it at all because I can't stand the look of the thing. Here's what Mike Gruwell thinks:
  2. Blink

    The Sony cx350

    As far as the camera goes, I just checked realized that is is equipped with Optical Image Stabilization, which is not appropriate for skydiving.
  3. Do you know the specifics of his gear? Model: Size: Wingloading:
  4. Blink

    Cookie problems?

    Strap: Remove screws from the bottom and you can remove the strap with no cutting. Be careful what screws go where. Take pictures if necessary for re-assembly. Flatlock tab: Tie some string through it making another loop. You will now be able to reach it. Zoom button: Sorry, but I don't see any other option but drilling a hole. If you want it done nicely, I'd find a friend with access to a machine shop, they should be able to help out.
  5. Blink

    From a Sabre 150 to Stiletto 150..

    *Gets the popcorn and takes a seat.* Read through the forums. This is what kills people, reckless progression. Edit: I believe PD also requires the jumper to have 500 jumps prior to jumping a Stiletto. A good guideline is call the company, tell them your jump numbers, experience, and if they will sell you a Stiletto. When they laugh, that's your answer. There's no such thing as flying it conservatively until you're capable of flying it.
  6. Blink

    track dive tips

    Proximity and efficient track (minimal vertical speed, maximizing horizontal speed)
  7. Blink

    Tell me what you see...

  8. Blink

    odyssey container sizing

    Are you asking because you want to buy one or are you asking if Sunpath makes something bigger than a J4K? If you are looking to buy one, check the classifieds, otherwise Sunpath has a sizing chart on their website:
  9. Blink


    There's a "Gear" tab on the top of this website that has reviews for all types of equipment, including reserves. Two popular reserves: Smart: PDR: Also, the search button on the top right can be very helpful:
  10. Blink

    Firefly Jumpsuits

    I can only say good things about FF. My suit is built rock solid, and my next suit will be a FF. It's about time they got their site updated, I don't know how long it said "Under Construction." Looks great!
  11. Blink

    canopy loading

    No, they will behave differently, here's an article from PD about wingloading and it's effects. P.S. You only need one question mark per question asked.
  12. Blink

    Where can I buy an R.D.S?

    Para Concepts
  13. Blink

    some newbie questions

    My experience with the aviator is as follows: I've jumped one for about 100 jumps until I bought my fullface. I loved the look, the feel, the audible pockets, but the one thing I hated, what the cheapness of the finish. Everytime I hit my head, the paint would crack, and chip off. Doesn't hurt it structurally, but looks like crap. I think they've since fixed the problem (bad batch of helmets). They actually offered to replace it free of charge, but I just haven't found the time to mail it out. Copied from a topic some time ago, you can read other peoples thoughts: Blink P.S. The search function is your friend.
  14. Blink

    Looking for parachute design info

    I don't think many people do know what determines the "recovery arch", but you might be better off asking about the canopy's "recovery ARC".
  15. Blink


    I've been flying my Sabre2 135 (WL: ~1.25-1.3) for about 125 jumps and absolutely love it, but wanted to wait until I had a good understanding of how it flew before posting a review. Although I'm sure what I'm about to say has probably already been said in several different posts or gear reviews, I'd thought I'd post it anyway, maybe it'll help someone decide on what gear to demo/buy. On with the review already! I did a lot of research before purchasing this canopy. The specifications I was looking for in a canopy were as follows (in no particular order): -Decent openings -Light front riser pressure -Medium recovery arc -Good glide ratio -Tapered/Semi-elliptical Openings: My opening are aways soft, and acceptably on heading. Its very rare to have end cell closure, maybe 1 in 15 jumps, but it's no big deal, just pump the rear risers and they're open. The only thing that I find a pain, is that my slider likes to say up about two inches from the slinks, and because I've got 24" risers, it's just enough to be out of my reach, but like the end cell closure, a little bit of rears and it drops down. A price I have to pay for using long risers. I have only had line twists once, and the canopy flew very stable and straight (hence my desire for a tapered planform). Flying: Toggles are very responsive, as I'm sure you know it's not hard to put your self in line twists with a hard toggle turn. Nice light/medium front riser pressure, I can hold this in a dive for a 540 no problem, and when you crank on them, it really starts to dive! Light rear riser pressure, no problem getting back from a long spot using the rears. The canopy is set up perfect right now (factory settings), with the combination of the length of risers, length of brake line, and arm length, I have to hold my toggles as far down as I can to get it to stall. The onset of the stall is very predictable, you can feel it start to rock back just before it folds up. If you do stall it, no big deal, recover just like any other canopy. Landing: It's not airlocked, but it's a very stable canopy in turbulence, unlike the Sabre1 which had the accordion effect as soon as some wind hit it. Very powerful flare, there is no need to run out a landing with this canopy, even with a high speed approach. Just when you think you've killed off all your speed and you're ready to touch down, just keep pushing and you can pop yourself right up. I just started HP landing with this canopy about 100 jumps ago, and can say it is a great learning tool. I am only doing 90's right now, but I can already appreciate it's recovery arc. It's long enough to let you get a nice dive, while lining up with the gates, yet short enough to be forgiving for those rare times you turn a bit too low. Closing statements: After doing only 125 jumps on this canopy, I can say without a doubt that my next canopy, will be a Sabre2, hopefully I'll be able to find one used at a decent price, because the only beef I have with the canopy is the damn price! They hold their value extremely well, which is one sense is annoying, because I can't pick one up for cheap, but on the other hand it'll be nice when the time comes to sell mine. I would recommend this canopy to anyone looking for any of the characteristics I was looking for (at a reasonable wingloading of course). This canopy can be flown conservatively at lighter wingloadings, and can really rip it up the more you load it. I would have given it 10 stars, but only allows 5. ;) Thanks for reading my review. I hope it's helped someone. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at lanew(at)rogers(dot)com. Cheers
  16. Blink

    g4 Container designer imput

    I agree, the first one with trim tape, but I'd definately get some brighter colours on there!
  17. Blink

    after aff then what? "Persons holding a USPA A license may jump without supervision, pack their own main parachute, engage in basic group jumps, perform water jumps." Edit: Oops, I thought you asked "What can we do once we get our class a"...
  18. Blink

    Lafayette, Louisiana DZ?

    At the tope of this page, there is a tab "Dropzones". It's a database with many dropzones from all around the world, you can browse through it to find a DZ close to where ever you are traveling to (inside, or outside of the US). But to answer your question, this one is about 30 miles way from Lafayette.
  19. Blink

    free flying to soon...

    Once I recieved my A CoP, and had about 30 jumps, my DZO asked if I wanted to do a jump, and asked if I wanted to do some 2 way RW or try sit-flying, Needless to say I've been freeflying ever since .
  20. Blink

    Vector & Javelin riser compatibility

    As long as the rings are the same size, you'll be fine, you'll find many people jumping risers from different manufacturers than their containers.
  21. The best I've had was 93 mph average, not sure what my min was. I am 175 lbs, 5' 9", and don't own a suit with booties , so it was done in a regular FF suit. I love tracking, but I'm so floaty and slow falling, I can only go with certain people. (I could go with other people, but I like to max track, not belly fly with my legs out ).