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  1. wlie

    4-way Training Camps

    The TunnelCamp.com 4-Way Camp is made up of four Advanced Camp slots but employs a highly specialized curriculum developed by the current 4-way World Champions - Arizona Airspeed. It works great for brand new or well established 4-way teams who want to train together in the tunnel. We can offer it in any camp in which there are 4 advanced or 6 basic slots still open. The two of you from the back piece in the 4-way will be with a coach that has spent years in the back piece (usually a current or former World Champion in that slot). Similarly, front piece people will be paired with a front piece coach. Here is our process: We begin by moving each of you through the Basic and Advanced Camp curricula as quickly as possible. In the first day and a half of your camp, we will cover the entire three-day Advanced Camp curriculum focusing on body position, flight dynamics and individual technique. We find it helps to sort all of these issues out early before we get caught up in the details of piece flying. Once you are flying great as individuals, we will turn our attention to the blocks. We will work each of you through each block in the dive pool. You will do the block over and over with your TunnelCamp.com coach in the piece with you. You will train both slots in your piece so you know what it is the entire piece is trying to achieve. Your piece partner will also do the same block with the coach. Once we are sure each of you understand how the block works, we will put the two of you together and fly the block. When you are flying together, we will be in the tunnel with you providing coaching and instant feedback. We have found this system to work exceptionally well. It almost always clears up any problems teams are having with any block. After we get through all the blocks, we will work on grips and flashing, synchronicity, and non-verbal communication. We will put it all together towards the end of the camp with a series of fun but increasingly difficult 3 ways and 4-ways with your TunnelCamp.com coaches and then finally with your entire team. As a group, you will fly a total of 6 hours in the tunnel. If you want more, we can add hours in the evening. About 70% of this time is spent flying one-on-one with your coach and 30% with each other but we adjust that ratio as necessary. Consequently, each team member can expect to fly a minimum of about 2.5 hours (more if you add evening time, see rates). You are welcome to attend all of the regular camp lectures but we will also offer specific mini-lectures on 4-way topics just for your team. We tell you what subjects are available - team communication, getting along, performing your best in competition, exit dynamics, continuity plan, training plan, etc - and you pick what you want to hear about. Of course the lunch, snacks, drinks, digital video, t-shirts, SkyCoaster trip, knee pads, etc. that come with the Basic and Advanced Camps are included in your 4 Way Camp. You need not have attended a Tunnel Camp in the past. The parameters are as follows: Total flight time = 6.0 hours per 4 way team (you can add more if you choose) Total days = 3 Student-Instructor ratio is 2 -1 at all times Cost = $1650 per person Deposit = $800 per person, all 4 must reserve at the same time Click here to check out photos from last month's 4-way camp. TunnelCamp.com
  2. wlie

    2001 Flyboyz Film Festival

    The 2001 Fly boyz Film Festival was held November 7 - November 11 at Perris Valley Skydiving. The 2001 had to be rescheduled from the original dates of September 13-16 after the FAA grounded all flights following the September 11 terrorist attack. 82 skydivers registered to participate in four days of festivities, some traveling from as far away as Argentina. Some people even managed to travel to Perris a second time for the event. Registered participants received discounted skydives throughout the weekend, a 2001 Fly boyz Film Festival T-shirt, other give-aways provided by Fly boyz sponsors and, of course, the opportunity to participate in some hot skydives, including tube dives and smoke tracking dives. In addition to all the great skydives, participants had the opportunity to compete in "fun" some competitions as well; a blind packing contest, won by Taz Cox; a contest that was given many names including, (Hit and Chug, Swoop and Chug and Swoop and Swallow) was won by Chris Quaintance with a time of 8.47; and a tracking race won by John Schoffner. Each winner received Pro-Tracks and Go Fast shirts. Friday evening, participants had the opportunity to participate in a fire walk that was inspired by a experience at the Swedish Freefly boogie last summer while Eli Thompson was there. A company called The Fire walk Institute came out to Perris and after a seminar given by their instructors, about 30 people walked across the 1,100 degree fire that stretched across a six by eight foot pit. After the fire walk, everyone headed poolside to view films from previous festivals on the 12 x 15 foot screen. Prior to the poolside party held Saturday night, festival participants and other spectators viewed this years film entries on the 12 x 15 foot screen. 14 films were entered this year in four categories: aerial visual, comedy, innovation, and the grand prize, the Daddy Phats. The quality of the films keeps getting better and better making it increasingly more difficult to judge, so this year, a new system was implemented. Before the premier, ballots were handed out to all registered participants. Each participant voted on their favorite film in each of the categories. The ballets were then tallied and the winners announced. And the winners are... Comedic: "The bastard" , John Shoffner and Skydive Lake Tahoe -- John follows the Bastard, Blake around Skydive Lake Tahoe as he wreaks havoc at the DZ steeling candy from babies, pulling people's reserve handles, and creating general chaos. Aerial Visual: "The Swiss Project", Team Extreme (Clint Clawson, Jim Slaton, JC Colclasure, Luigi Cani) -- A beautifully visual film featuring swoops at Eiger Mountain while trailing smoke. Innovation: "16F9", Stefano Morris -- A non skydiving related film that can only be described as mind boggling. The Daddy Phats: "Rigby Base", Tim Rigby -- A documentary about Base jumping in Norway with moving interviews and amazing visuals. Each competitor won aluminum trophies featuring the Fly boyz logo, Pro-Tracks, t-shirts, and Pat Works videos and books. The Daddy Phats winner also received 50% off a Javelin harness and container system, 50% percent off a Birdman suit, and 35% off a PD Canopy. Wrapping up this year's award ceremony, was the burning of our giant wooden freeflyer, "Burnie", inspired by the Burning Man Festival that takes place every year in the Nevada, Black Rock Desert. For those of you that attended the 2000 festival, this year's Burnie was twice as big, decked out in a yellow, white and black free fly suit, and loaded with pyrotechnics. It was quite a show. As for the overall feeling of the Festival, as usual, I think everyone will agree that there was a real sense of fellowship, camaraderie and some of the best vibes to be found anywhere. All films will be released on video sometime in March. There will be more information on www.flyboyz.com on the release date of the video as soon as it is available.
  3. The 'Diamond .3' wide-angle video camera lens is now available. The lenses are handmade in Japan. The Diamond .3 wide-angle lens gives a video camera a 110-degree field of view with very little barrel distortion. The lens is NOT a fish-eye. The lens has no vignette (black corners in the field of view). The lens is perfect for freeflying, flat flying inside video, relative work and AFF coaching (from the instructor's angle), CRW, canopy swooping, BASE jumping or anything that an inside, wide-angle view is desired. Capture up-close shots with a crystal clear, non-distorted view. The size of the lens is very low profile. The diameter is 44mm (1 ¾ inch.) and the length is 8mm (5/16inch). The small size has many benefits. It puts less stress and wear on the camera's frame and standard lens. It minimizes vibrations and camera shake since it is more than ¼ the size of other lenses. The chance of a riser strike on your camera's lens is decreased, as well as contact with any other object. It is available in two different thread sizes, 30mm (pc-1, 3, 5, 9, etc.) and 37mm (pc-7, 10, 100, 110, etc). In most Sony camcorders, no adapter ring is needed. The retail price of the lens is $200 US. Summer Sale Price of $175 (plus s/h) For more information, contact Max Cohn at: Diamond.3@generationfreefly.com, or at 201.538.4652, or visit http://generationfreefly.com/diamond.3/ for more pictures and information.
  4. wlie

    FAA ruling grounds Bay Area Skydiving

    BYRON -- With warm Indian summer weather still lingering, the Byron Airport would have been busy this weekend with people eager to jump out of airplanes -- with parachutes, of course. But the tiny airport and its biggest business, Bay Area Skydiving, has been quiet since Tuesday. No planes have arrived or departed. The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday placed a flight ban at all airports within 10 nautical miles, or about 11.5 miles, of several nuclear facilities in the United States. Byron is near the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. "It's dead out there. Obviously nothing is happening," said David Mendez, manager of county airports. The ban does not extend to police, fire and other emergency crews who might need to land at the airport, Mendez said. The ban ends at midnight Wednesday. The tiny Tracy Municipal Airport is also feeling the pinch, particularly at the Tracy Flight Center. It has been unable to run since the ban began. Steve Dietrich, the flight center's office manager, said the ban has cost the school money. Mike Tjaarda, owner of Bay Area Skydiving, estimated he's lost between $15,000 and $20,000, and turned away at least 40 first-time jumpers since Tuesday. "We're continually turning down business," Tjaarda said. "Some of these people are going elsewhere, which is an unfortunate thing for us, and it's bad for the county, too, because they're not spending their money here." Though the ban has been tough for Tjaarda, he said it was a small price to pay to own his own business and to be a part of the nation's fight against terrorism. "If my country needs me to do anything, that's fine. We're Americans first. If that means I have to find another job, I will. We're Americans first. It's not all about making money," Tjaarda said. East County commuters who store their planes at Byron Airport, and who get to work by air, have been forced to use alternatives. Discovery Bay pilot Rick Mann said the ban has forced him to drive to his Hayward business and postpone business trips to Fresno. He also had to forego a flight on Halloween to Marysville, where he planned to take his daughter trick-or-treating. "The big thing is not being able to get back and forth to work. The plane is actually stranded there. We can't move it," Mann said. Randy Howell, who owns eight Russian MiG-17 jets and two Boeing L-39 fighter jets, said the ban has not affected his business. He stages air shows around the country which are mostly held February through October.
  5. wlie

    Airspeed Events - 2001

    As you might have heard, Airspeed is going to represent the US at the 2001 World Meet in both 4 way and 8 way. We have a busy training year ahead of us but, as you might have guessed, we have made time for both work and play. Skills Camps at Skydive AZ: The AirSpeed Training Camps have been busier than ever. The winter Basic Skills Camp is already full but there are slots available on the waiting list. The Advanced Camp (January 17 - 21) has room for one more team. In response to your requests, we have scheduled another camp for this spring from April 28 - May 6. You can register at www.airspeed.org Airspeed Tunnel Camps: We have several available throughout the year. January ones are all full but there are slots available in March. We have rebuilt the website. Check out www.tunnelcamp.com fur registration and information. Boogies: Airspeed will be organizing fun and challenging dives at The Christmas Boogie and Easter Boogie at Eloy. For those of you who are ready for the ultimate skydiving vacation there will be AirSpeed organizers at the SOUTH OF THE BORDER BOOGIE, held in San Carlos, Mexico from March 14 - 19. Five Star Resort on the beach and much more. Take a look at www.skydiveaz.com. Blue Skies, Dan & Alan Arizona Airspeed