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  1. wlie

    Where's Clay?

    Here's a game similar to "Where's Waldo?" Clicky My other ride is the relative wind.
  2. Executive cards cost $100/yr but they also return 2% of money spent over the year. Yippee we barely break even. It's the executive. I figure with the amount we spend there each month, especially on formula & diapers the year Alex was born, and in November when Oliver arrives, the rebate would bring the membership down to somewhere around $20. And we also use Amex that rebates us for the gas we buy there, 'coz Costco gas purchase don't count towards the rebate. Man... Now come to think of it, if she would even spend enough to boost the rebate I get back, I'd entertain it some more. My other ride is the relative wind.
  3. h man! What awesome responses. Pound salt, pound sand, I should get $50, 9 years worth of BJ (not in my lifetime). Absolutely right about getting away with $800+ worth of membership. I'm letting her know that democracy has spoken, and she ain't getting squat. I'll keep you updated. My other ride is the relative wind.
  4. Too much effort. She started the mess. My other ride is the relative wind.
  5. Because Costco told me that she was off my card when I took her off the first time and she was still using it. I want it back to make sure she'll never use it. My other ride is the relative wind.
  6. Each time my wife or I visited Costco for the past 6 weeks, we've been asked at the check out whether we want to renew our membership. It's not like we get a discount for early renewal so we've been holdiing out. About a week ago, the asking stopped. Ok, I guess my wife must have renewed it. And my wife also thought I must have renewed it. Then I get a call from my ex-girlfriend. Hey hey, what's up? I've been using your Costco membership for the last 9 years (after we've split) and this time, I forked out your $100 renewal because I sure as hell am not going to abandon my shopping cart after standing in line forever. She wants me to pay her back is what's up. Now, I had already taken her off my membership after the split and she knows that. I went to Costco to verify that she was indeed off, and as I understand, I could have only one complementary membership under mine - and that'd be my wife - so how could she still use my membership? So somewhere in Costco's system, something's messed up. Oh well, I get the rebate for the ex's purchases at the end of the year. Only this time I made sure that particular card can't be used. I tell the ex that considering she understood she was no longer on my membership, she should have had the courtesy to stop using it. So I tell her she needs to send me back the card because it's mine, and (jokingly) that we should split it 50/50 for all her unauthorized use. She insists that I owe her 100% and I'm not getting the card back until I pay her back. So I let her keep the ring after we split and she thinks she can walk all over me. Who's the hostage here? Now I'm thinking why I should even give her back 50%. My other ride is the relative wind.
  7. wlie

    Renal Failure

    Watch the potassium intake. Same goes with soddium. My other ride is the relative wind.
  8. Yeah, by replacing it with a MacBook My other ride is the relative wind.
  9. wlie

    r/c pilots only

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but it's one of a kind. http://gprime.net/video.php/flyinglawnmower My other ride is the relative wind.
  10. I highly recommend Sharp's Roaster. It's not too far from the airport and they've got over 20 brews on tap. Be real cognisant when walking around Seatac - lots of action you don't want get into. My other ride is the relative wind.
  11. Larry's Markets should have them. Also check out Issaquah brewhouse. My other ride is the relative wind.
  12. 10 gallons and 2 pints to date of A+. Too bad that ain't my GPA My other ride is the relative wind.
  13. wlie

    The bright side

    Well I've been looking at it for so long my vision's gone whacked. I want to be at/on/in the bright side damn it! Ok... time to get on the road again. Got any spare change for gas? My other ride is the relative wind.
  14. I tried to call you before But I lost my nerve My other ride is the relative wind.
  15. This one made me laugh. Mayby NSFW. Enjoy http://www.petatv.com/tvpopup/video.asp?video=cat-sex&Player=qt&speed=_med My other ride is the relative wind.