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  1. I'm sad to report that Tom McFeeters, D1257 passed away on May 4th at age 81. Tom was a early Colorado jumper and pilot who trained a lot of us back in the 1960s. Blue Skies old friend, I will miss you. Allen
  2. BCA

    Looking for vintage gear

    I have tons of old gear, mostly from the 1960's. Rigs, canopy's, jump suits, french para boots, etc. Call me if interested. Allen D2203 303/883-2206
  3. BCA

    Skydive Bali

    Adam, I jumped there a few years ago. I don't know if they are still in business, but try this: Skydive Bali Ph.764210 e-mail : ajmuir@ibm.net BCA
  4. BCA

    Mummied hand with ripcord

    I answered this question a long time ago on this forum. The hand was owned by Terry Cooper who lived and jumped in the Phoenix area back in the 60's and 70's. He kept it in a refrigerator and brought it out to various competitions, parties and boogies. There were a lot of stories about where it originally came from, but he told me that he got it from the med school at the U. of Arizona. BCA
  5. BCA

    Para Commander question

    I made a couple thousand jumps on PC's and I always had soft openings by sitting up a little at opening time. BCA
  6. BCA

    Jim Fee

    This is difficult. Jim and I were room mates at the 1972 nationals in Tahlequah. We stayed in touch off and on over the years and jumped together on occasion. I will miss you old friend. Allen Hunt D2203
  7. BCA

    Parasled jumps?

    My very 1st square jump was on a Sled back in the early 70's. It was owned by Dale Wisehart who ran the DZ at Coolidge, AZ back then. BCA
  8. BCA

    Cost of your first rig

    I have 4 complete rigs from the late 60's and early 70's in my basement. BCA
  9. BCA

    Hammond LA 1967

    As I recall, Jeff Russell won the collegiate nationals in style & accuracy back in 1967 or so. Haven't heard anything about him for many years. BCA D2203
  10. It comes in very handy for defending yourself against "killer rabbits" on the DZ.
  11. BCA

    Old Farts reunion

    Can anyone provide details for the "Old Farts Reunion" coming up in May? Thanks in advance. BCA
  12. BCA

    What is this?

    kicker plates
  13. BCA

    vintage gear

    the reserve canopy is very old and won't pass stress testl
  14. BCA

    vintage gear

    Looking for advice on what would be a good asking price for: conventional harness & container (Mini-system with front mount reserve) 1973 vintage PC - good condition, very jumpable reserve is 26' navy conicle - I wouldn't recommend jumping with it. Don't know if there is a market for this or not, but appreciate any input.
  15. BCA

    Oregon Beach Jump

    I understand the Paracommanders have some steerability? You should go back and read the winning accuracy scores from the mid to late 60's national championships. Paracommanders were deadly accurate in the right hands.