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  1. tuffjump

    Skydive Palatka

    I'm an old (64) jumper that has been out of the sport since 1995 that wanted to make a jump on my 65th birthday. I drove over to Palatka nervous that I would be shunned because of my age and lack of jumping. I couldn't have been more mistaken. I found that I was almost a youngster there.I ran across jumpers that I was jumping with in the 70s. Pop Poppenhager D-47 77 years old was there plus several others. Three days later I was in the hospital having two stents being put in. Returning to the dz to get my aff course money back figuring that was the end everybody rallied around me offering suggestions and encouragement about returning. I was GIVEN a rig by an old jumper Jack LaLonde D-4865 72 yo (thanks Jack) and was offered by many to teach me the new ways of packing. All of my previous fears of being shunned by the jumpers dissappeared. It was awesome, it was like a return to family. Young dudes and dudettes came up encouraging me and offering support.I'm now trying to find a doctor to give me a pass to continue jumping ( say skydiving to a doctor and watch a freakout)and everyone is behind me.Even if I can't jump again ( that ain't going to happen) I will continue going to the dz because of the people and the awesome atmosphere. I HIGHLY recommend the dz to experenced jumpers and those wanting to make their first.....I'll be there when you do!