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  1. I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. I have been very busy setting up my new business and at dinner tonight, my wife drops a pregnancy test in front of me... I'm gonna be a dad for a second time!!! This is turning out to be quite the new adventure!!! Cheers Marz
  2. Thanks!!! But hold the jealousy until I can come here and post that the business is actually making money! The excitement, I will gladly share with you!
  3. You're absolutely right Wendy! I expect this to be a 24/7 deal for at least the next year, but it's something I'm actually interested in and passionate about...
  4. So tomorrow is my last day at work. I had to go to Human Ressources to fill out a questionnaire and talk to an agent. No big deal. I'm very excited about finally leaving this place. It'll be good to take a bit of a break and get my project rolling full-time. It's the start of something new and things are looking up!
  5. I work for Canada Post. Technically, if the word "gift" was either checked off on a box or written in the content description, there should be no duties charged. If there are, the person can appeal to their customs agenc for re-evaluation. Marz
  6. Having taught both, the learning curve for snowboarding is steeper (i.e. the first couple days are hard) but after that you can evolve faster technically. Advice? Dress warmly in layers so you can take them off if you get warm and WEAR A HELMET!!!! Helmets are cool now and could save you from a concussion, specially when you're learning.
  7. So I got news on Friday... It's a no-go for the leave without pay, so I went for plan B and resigned. My boss said he understood and wished me luck. So I'm out of here on March 18!!!! The cool thing is that I got a call for an interview for part-time work on Saturday as I was on my way to my kiting lesson. I'm meeting the woman today. This would be an ideal job as it's self-scheduled and only 20 hours a week which allows me pleanty of time to continue setting up the business.... LIFE IS GOOD!!!!! Marz
  8. I just started kiteboarding two weeks ago (snowboarding for now) and my only recommendation is TAKE A LESSON!!!!! Don't mess around. those kites are goddam powerful and everything reveolves around proper kite control. Also, most seasoned kiters own more than one kite for varying wind conditions. I picked up a 12 meter kite which is apparently a good entry level kite on water. I know that it did scare me a little at first. So back to my point, get a helmet, and take a lesson!!!! Your instructor will help you get geared up afterwards. Marz
  9. I sepnts the week-end ktiesnowboarding for the frst time. It was a barrel of laughs!!!!! I think I need to buy myself a boarding kite now for those windy days... Anyone out there into kiteboarding (water or snow)? Marz
  10. I'm starting a multi-sport adventure touring company. I will be putting together packages which include climbing, rafting, MTB and tandem skydiving. Eventually, My wife and I plan on focusing on trips to South Amerca as we have many contacts down there.
  11. Holy CRAP!!! I did it!!!! I just sent my boss an e-mail requesting a one-year Leave Without Pay. That holds my position for the time I'm gone, should I choose to return. Either way, I'm out of here on March 24. I have part-time work lined up and I'll be able to finsh my business plan and hopefully have my touring company up and running by May... If skydiving taught me one thing, it's that when the spot is right, you gotta jump. So here goes nothing!!! Marz
  12. Marz

    Bumper stickers

    "I brake for hallucinations"
  13. Marz

    New puppy!!!!!

    Yeah, he's quite pleased with his new surrondings!!!! Buster, my Aussie gets along with him just fine, they both love to run and play. My other dog (bearded collie mix) is pretty lazy and she's an attention whore, so she's not too pleased that we're gushing over the new kid... She's growled at him a few times and snapped, but she'll get over that...
  14. Marz

    New puppy!!!!!

    Well, sorta... He's a 10-month old Husky/Collie mix. He's a big boy! He has half a head over my 5 yr-old Aussie. It's real fun to watch them play! Man, I gotta stop going to the SPCA!!! This is dog no.3 for us... Marz