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  1. Hey Mike! You still alive? I finished the book 4 years ago. Make a few bucks now & then. Yeah that Fall of '67 were great months for me. I just turned 70 in April. Where'd the years go? BOOM! Here we are! SHIT! Looked for a ParaCommander on eBay.Found one! $1,299. Guy is friggin NUTS. If you died, let me know. If you still have Jeff Russell's phone number please forward it. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hey you old timers. I started jumping in '66 then went to Hammond, LA in '67 to skydive at Leon Riche's Southern Parachute Center. I was 18. Met a great bunch of guys. One most helpful was Jeff Russell. He wrote me later in Vietnam. Always been a big hero of mine. Anyone with any info on his whereabouts, please be in touch. Thank you! Bill Catalina. Tallahassee. P.S. I have a book out about some crazy ass flying down into Mexico from south Texas if anyone is interested. Also on Amazon. If I wasn't supposed to post this, delete it but keep the J.R. part.
  3. Howard, I started jumping in '67 in Hammond, LA. I'm looking for an old friend named Jeff Russell. Had a low D number. Was a great photographer. Would love to know if this guy is still walking the earth. Anybody with any info, please be in touch. Thank you!
  4. Got another funny one! This was 1971 so Pull-ease, don't bother me with racial comments. This is just the way it was back then. I was a small town cop at court. In walks an older, down on his luck black man to see the judge...for some reason or other. Judge asks black man if he's guilty of the crime. Black man says yes and thank you very profusely. Judge hands him a 30 day sentence for the somewhat minor offense. The poor black man says Thank you Judge profusely over and over. Judge asks him why he is so thankful to be sentenced to 30 days in jail. Black man, with a big wide smile says..."cause I gots me a place to stay Mr. Judge, I just gots me a nice place to stay!" Thereupon, the entire courtroom, black and white audience burst into laughter. Such was life in 1971.
  5. Mike, I was the guy who had a speech problem...that's why I went into salvage diving in the Army...figured I wouldn't need to talk. Haha! Anyway, I worked at Tuttles, slept in your trailer for about 4 months before leaving for the Army late December of '67. You never would let me have any warm air from your room so I had to sleep under parachutes. Don't worry, I've forgiven you but I did freeze my ass off, especially when I took a shower in those outdoor toilets. You were a tough old bird & probably still are. I'll get to those videos very soon. Bill Deli also wants a copy & I'm going to insert some black & white pics that Jeff took of everything. I kept them in a nice album over the years & there still in like-new shape. I've got your address...Thanks & take care. Bill Catalina
  6. 1966 worked at a grocery store in Mississippi, saved up $185.00 for a 5TU from McElfish in Dallas. My local instructor told me a 7TU would be "TOO HOT" for me...if you can believe that! Hell, what did I know? I bought the 5TU, took it to Southern Air in Hammond, LA & everybody asked me what the F--- did I buy a 5TU for? Hell, what did I know? I was 17 & stupid enough to join the Army & volunteer for Vietnam...and lucky enough to survive.
  7. Mike, Thanks for writing. Bill Deli told me about Prissy. That was one person I wanted to see again & was very sorry to hear about her death! Leon a Preacher? :) I wonder what he's going to be next? If you want to give me your address, I'll be glad to send you a DVD of my Hi-8 movies I made of Southern Parachute Center in the Fall of '67 when I was down there. I have not had them converted yet but will do so soon. You're in a couple of scenes. I plan to computer edit it, do some stop scenes for better viewing, a little music & include some scans of a bunch of black & whites that Jeff took of everybody. If you ever reach Jeff again, please tell him to be in touch. I spent 2 1/2 years in Vietnam, got out & went to flight school & been a professional pilot ever since. All bush work, Twin Otters in Africa for oil companies & UN. Got a question I've always wanted answered. Why did Leon & Prissy always ask me to go to the M & Smell to get coffee? Wouldn't a coffee pot have done a lot better job as it was almost cold when I got back. I've been thinking about that for the past 45 years so please tell me. :) Do you ever hear from Ito Iglesias anymore? Don't ask me how in hell I remembered that name! Take care, good to hear from you. Bill Catalina
  8. No, nothing to do with that (Blue Max). Just a German medal for valor & achievement.
  9. Started jumping in '66 in north Mississippi. First jump was an exhibition jump into an Arkansas lake. Things were pretty loose back then. :) Went to Hammond, LA the following year to learn how with Leon & Prissy Riche. Got my C-4741, then on to Vietnam for Uncle. Does anyone know of Jeff Russell? One of the early D license holders. He was a great friend of mine when I didn't know my ass from a hole in the ground at 18. Some say I still don't know my ass from a hole in the ground at 62. Does anyone know what happened to Prissy Riche...Leon's wife. Any info about this guy really appreciated! Bill Catalina