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  2. in blue skys mag this month, the centerfold pic, shows a different pilot chute. kind of square shape, but doesn't look like a spring assisted. can someone tell me what this is?
  4. Great DZ with an awesome staff. Safety is a first here! Jumping next to the lake makes for great video. First jump or 1000 jump, this is the place to be at.
  5. No, no no.... the old school way of thought is baggy suit. stay away from that advice--- horrible all that crap floating around will affect your body flight. Cordura 500 is what you want-proper fitting. your body position will give you lift Im 6'4 and 260. I have about 10-12 hours coached in the tunnel (eloy and chicago) ..... and no, your sitfly speed will be normal when properly done and with a proper suit, the fast ones will be the ones with poor body position.
  6. I learned a lot from watching someone video my landings. Watching video i saw i was not flaring all the way. maybe only 50%. And some German guy at Eloy told me when to start my flare a lot better. He said to imagine someone is standing in front of you as you are on final. when you are at the altitude where you could kick him in the face, start your flare. my next jump- the landing was perfect. couldnt find him again to say thank you, but till this day i still say to myself on final, "feet knees together, toggles up, kick him in the face flare flare flare".
  7. can we please get this awesome dood a GoPro?
  8. now what? i like watching videos where people try to collapse the slider
  9. jumped it this weekend, cant feel it at all. reviewing some video shot of me, it show the pillow not moving at all. I like it
  10. Can't believe you would even think to call this fake
  11. [IMG][/IMG]
  12. Just releases the buckle so the cord can open all the way. Great company, took just over a week to arrive [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]