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  1. webracer

    Skydive Windy City (Chicago)

    The very reputable Plymouth Sky Sports has moved to a new location and rebranded to Skydive Windy City (Chicago). Our new location makes us the closest skydiving center to Chicago, with views of the Lake Michigan shoreline for 3 states, and views of downtown Chicago, which is only 35NM from the dropzone. We welcome experienced jumpers. Our jump altitude is limited to 10K AGL due to our proximity to Chicago and airline traffic. Great landing areas and staff!
  2. webracer

    Skydive Windy City (Chicago)

    Skydive Windy City (formerly Plymouth Sky Sports) is now the closest skydiving center to Chicago. Spectacular views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline abound from our location less than 3 miles from the lake and 30NM from Chicago.
  3. This user is still at it. Here is the interaction with me... Thanks for the quick update, payment was sent from me via fedex with the tracking numbers (794781837873) and i guess you will be wondering why i sent that much to you.the excess funds is meant for shipping cost..actually i really do not know how much it will cost for the shipper to be able to get it shipped to me over here , Which was the reason why i had to issue out enough funds for it all so there wont be any delay while getting it shipped to me. You can box up the Rig and get it ready because I will be ready to get them shipped soon. So what I need from you now is for you to remove $1100 for the Rig and for you to send the rest by western union to the shipper so pickup can take place on time. I have other equipments that I need to get shipped so I want to do them all together.You can remove the western union charges from the money you are sending.Please send to the information below Name:- Preonda Graham City :- Fort Wayne , IN , USA Daren --- On Wed, 5/25/11, Troy Church wrote: From: Troy Church Subject: Re: Dropzone.com Classifieds - Response to your Ad To: "Daren Bent" Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 5:26 AM Daren: I received a check yesterday with an email request inside. I will see if it is this tracking number. The check was for $3800, and was from a college. Was this from you? Thanks, Troy Church Sky Sports, Inc. troyc@plymouthskysports.com On May 24, 2011, at 2:15 PM, Daren Bent wrote: Hello Troy, Sorry for the late in response regarding the sales. I have been out of town all this while, just got back yesterday. payment has been sent via fedex (794781837873 kindly notify me once you receive it.Thanks Daren From: Troy Church To: Daren Bent Sent: Fri, April 29, 2011 4:32:44 PM Subject: Re: Dropzone.com Classifieds - Response to your Ad Send payment to: Troy Church c/o Plymouth Sky Sports 301 Airport Road Plymouth, IN 46563 ph: 574-936-7700 Thanks, Troy Church Sky Sports, Inc. troyc@plymouthskysports.com On Apr 29, 2011, at 1:44 PM, Daren Bent wrote: Thanks for the quick response to my mail, well $1100 is still within the price range am looking at, you can send your full names, postal address with your contact phone number so payment can be send to you as soon as possible and the mode of payment is cashiers check or money orders.Thanks Daren From: Troy Church To: darenbent61@yahoo.com Sent: Fri, April 29, 2011 4:56:12 AM Subject: Re: Dropzone.com Classifieds - Response to your Ad Daren: I will sell it for $1100, not less. Here are more pics of the system. Payment by paypal is strongly encouraged. If you choose to send a paper check, it can take up to 20 days to clear before I ship the items. Troy Church Sky Sports, Inc. troyc@plymouthskysports.com On Apr 29, 2011, at 6:16 AM, darenbent61@yahoo.com wrote: > Hi webracer, > > On 29-Apr-2011 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Dropzone.com Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. > > Username => daren62 > > URL => http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/detail_page.cgi?ID=108876&d=1 > > Name => Daren > > FromEmail => darenbent61@yahoo.com > > City => Liverpool > > Country => United Kingdom > > Comments => Hello am interested in the purchase of the Complete rig need to know the final price of it or if you can let go for $1000 and would love to see more pics if available.Thanks > > Daren > > ----------------- > If you suspect this is a scam: > > 1) Visit the Security Forum to see if it has already been reported: > http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?forum=44 > 2) If not, forward the entire email to abuse@dropzone.com
  4. webracer

    PAC 750 at Plymouth Sky Sports May 7+8

    We are getting a lot of interest for this turbine weekend, but the more the merrier. Plan to c'mon out. We have hotel rates for the weekend for $38/night single or $42/night double!
  5. webracer

    Plymouth Sky Sports

    Please remove this dropzone from the listings, it is now permanently closed.
  6. webracer

    Who should pay for SB's?

    I feel if the SB is mandatory, the Mfr. should pay for it. If it is recommended, then the owner should pay for it.
  7. webracer

    Competition RW

    I originally bought a Merlin RW suit with many options, including bigger grippers and appropriate cordura. I made about 300 jumps with that suit, 1.5 hours in the tunnel, and still use it as a backup and it is in perfect condition. Based on that performance, the following season I ordered a comp RW suit, the best they offer. It was about $350 or so, but worth every penny. I put at least 200 on that suit that season and 100 this season, and another 1.5 hours in the tunnel. It is still PERFECT. Of course, the worst landing has been a slide on one side, so one gripper is a bit dirty on one side. The knee pads are so good I do not wear extra pads in the tunnel. Three seasons, two suits, around 600+ jumps and 3+ hours in the tunnel, and both suits are in top condition, the newer comp suit (definitely worth the extra money), still gets "new" comments. They hold up to frequent washings, frequent flying, and look great. Only con, move the pocket up 3" on the leg, it is too close to the knee. I'll be ordering another new suit for next season, it'll be a Merling RW comp. suit.
  8. webracer


    I wasn't going to write a review, since there are a few here that are right on. I only decided to do so because most of the reviews are those loaded 2.3 or above. I am loading mine at 1.9. The VX is a rock solid wing. It flies slow or fast, I can hang in brakes with the best of them, I can slow down or really cruise on rear risers (remember bumping end cells for a while with a friend on a Stiletto at 1.1:1, only using rear risers). I feel the swoops are solid, like being suspended from a trolley rather than a parachute. I put 63 jumps on it in the first 4 weeks. It feels HUGE, I can't stress that enough. It flys big and feels docile, although it is far from it. Getting lower to earth, you start to feel the speed and dive. For approach, my riser pressure is off the chart (front). Tandems have lighter front riser pressure. I have to initiate my approach with harness shift, then supplement with front riser. It dives fast, and doesn't recover in time without input. I kinda wish it was about 2.1 wingloading, but I am learning new ways to fly with this lighter wingloading, and the swoops are looonnnnggg! If you think you're ready for xbrace, maybe a velocity or xaos are good choices, as they fly a bit closer to hp elliptical characteristics than the VX. If you are ready to relearn canopy input and detailed control, get the VX. Bottom line is I like it, but I have a Xaos also (loaded at 2.1), I choose wbich rig based upon conditions, and my goals for the jump. Oh, the slider: I had to have the drawstrings replaced after 63 jumps, the slider would pop open behind my head when I started my dive. Icarus made it good though, they paid for the repair without question.
  9. webracer


    To make a long story short, I lost my Pro Track out of an old L&B leg mount strap and they replaced it no questions asked! They even shipped it to me at their cost. I don't know of any company for any product that would do something like that. Help L&B by NOT sharing but purchasing your own Jumptrack software!!
  10. webracer


  11. webracer

    OXYGN A3

    I love my A3. I have used it for two seasons and nearly 500 rw jumps. My only problem... each of the 4 replacement lenses I have installed did not fit well (too much radius makes them harder to close with one hand), and the top trim on the lens has to be super-glued. It will come off the lens immediately. Every other aspect of this helmet is tops.
  12. webracer


    I got my new Samurai 150, right on schedule. I got 11 jumps on it last weekend in Chicago. I am very happy with this canopy, and have now ordered a Samurai 136 for my other rig. I am getting a bit of off-heading opening, but the canopy is brand new and very slippery to pack. Flight characteristics are fantastic. I demo'd Vengeance, Crossfire, and Stiletto. The Samurai is the best. I am loading the 150 about 1.4:1
  13. webracer


    After 9 jumps on the Vengeance 150 demo I have from PD, here are my comments: I am a first-year skydiver, with 200 jumps so far this year. I have had intermediate canopy training from some skilled HP canopy pilots I have been jumping a Sabre 170 with excellent landings & control My exit weight is 225. The flight of the vengeance is superb to the sabre, in both turbulent and smooth skies. Landing the vengeance required very little adjustment from my sabre technique. Mostly I realize more lift at slower speeds (farther into the surf), and that the last few inches of toggle input do much more than on the sabre. Turns are much faster, and diving is quite a bit steeper. Less g-force in saddle on toggle spirals than sabre. I have not tried any high performance landings with the canopy yet, but have landed it in conditions from 0-15mph wind. Openings are the biggest change. I am learning to fly the opening, which is slow enough to watch and react to. Three openings resulted in corkscrew dives, the first was corrected with brake release, the second two were corrected by steering with my body in the harness prior to releasing brakes. It appears to me that this opening behavior will be completely controllable with more time in the saddle. I have not had end cell closures as of yet I would guess the canopy I have has 250-400 jumps (based upon fabric condition) and new lines. I am waiting also for a Samurai 150, and will review that after I get some jumps on it. I plan to put another 10-15 on the vengeance next weekend prior to sending it back. Troy C webracer@theads.net