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  1. I am selling a brand new vector3, pilot188 zpx, smart 175, m2 aad. All components are new and have 0 jumps on them. I am a Master rigger and just assembled and pack the rig last week. You can see my ad for the rig under "complete systems" in the for sale ads. I just tore the rotator cuff in my shoulder so won't be jumping any time soon.
  2. Yes Pat was a great guy and was on a lot of our CRW record training Jumps. Thanks for all the pics and video Pat!
  3. Thank you Ted for what you've done.
  4. James, thank you for driving the bus on this. Keep it going.
  5. Having the competition isn't the easy part. How would you know this? We learn more by having competitions not just talking about them. The FAI wants design and experience. These are some of the nuts and bolts in the matter. People... never hold back! Design and organize your competition. We will learn and share our success and measure our failures to someday go to the FAI and submit to them a complete package for evaluation. There are those who talk and those who do. BJ Alexander
  6. It was a question. A yes or a no would have been a polite answer. BJ Alexander
  7. http://www.neatorama.com/2007/10/14/amazing-windsuit-flying-video/#comments
  8. In Reply To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Count Stands at: 1. Scott B. (Notsane) 2. Mike M. (Gray Mike) C. Sean H. (Monkycndo) 4. Scott Gray (The Brothers Gray) 5. Chris Gray (The Brothers Gray) 6. Justin Shorb (Flock U) 7. Ryan Desjardins (Soon to bee Canadian Flocker) 8. Bob Futrell (FlyinBob) 9. Mark M 10. Phil Peggs 11. Matt Hoover 12. Mike Rinehart (Missingparts) 13. Frank Boluk 14. Scotty Burns (scottygofast) 15. Robert Kelley (ROK) 16. Jeff Nebelkopf (Heffro1) 17. Tony Uragallo (Tony Suits) 18. Chuck Blue (SkymonkeyONE) 19. Todd S (DaMan) 20. Michelle (EmLo) 21. "The" Le Roy (leroydb) 22. Dan M (arai) 23. BJ Alexander PLEASE ADD YOUR NAME SO SCOTT CAN PLAN FOR AIRCRAFT !!!
  9. You have to consider the pilot also. Loic Jean Albert won the overall title at the 2006 World Wingsuit Competition held there in Stupino. He flew none of the above.
  10. James It looks like the Stupino event was quite the success. I am absolutly shocked to see the amount of wingsuit flyers at the Stupino dz. I hope to see you in Russia next year. BJ
  11. Here's the latest on the upcoming Lk. Wales CRW camp. It looks like a good group of folks will be there. Kevin K. ---------------------------------------------- Hello All - Here is the updated list - so far - for Lake Wales. FYI...We will be available at Lake Wales February 28th at 8am and March 1st at 8am for anyone who wishes to come early and participate on any organized dives prior to the actual camp which starts at 8am on March 2nd. We are hoping to put up some 4 to 9 way multiple point dives for the people who are challenged by weather in the winter months and need to knock off that rust - or anyone who just wants to come early and get in some no pressure jumps. Incidentally, these camps are open to anyone who wants to try out for the 100-way we are planning in November 2007 or anyone who wants to work on their CRW skills. Everyone is welcome. The following training/qualification camps have been scheduled: Training/Try-out Camps: March 2, 3, 4 @ Florida Skydiving Center in Lake Wales, Florida May 11, 12, 13 @ The Parachute Center in Lodi, California May 26 – June 3 @ Empuriabrava, Spain July 4 – 8 @ Jumptown in Orange, Massachusetts August 10, 11, 12 @ Carolina Skysports in Louisburg, North Carolina October 12, 13, 14 @ Perris Valley Skydiving in Perris, California 100-way Canopy Formation World Record Attempts: November 17 – 25th @ Florida Skydiving Center in Lake Wales, Florida Take Care and hope to see you in Lake Wales! Brian Pangburn 2007 Canopy Formation World Record Committee The Lake Wales List: 1. Mike Lewis 2. Chris Gay 3. Brian Pangburn 4. Shawn Vineyard 5. Dave Bassinger 6. Jon Sikorsky 7. Jackson Hoffman 8. Marc Van Apern 9. Jim Walton 10. Dave Hillebrandt 11.Bob Felt 12. Linda Ruiz 13. Damien Ristaino 14. Ernie Pliscott 15. Kevin Keenan 16. Lyn Hannah 17. Shireen Khavari 18. Cliff Dobson 19. Jeni Gordon 20. Peter Pfalzgraf 21. Eric French 22. Don Bromley 23. Yuliya Korkh 24. Holger Gnoth 25. Alexander Bosel 26. Gallan 27. Tim Vogl 28. Kirk VanZandt 29. Paulo Assis 30. Chico 31. Tim Vogl 32. Mike Goodin 33. Liz Godwin 34. Dave Holmvik 35. BJ Alexander -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _____________________________________ Seasons don't fear the Reaper, nor do the Wind, the Sun or the Rain...
  12. Okay ok! Point taken No toilets for me I'll be there
  13. I agree Jason. It would be a bit more productive to adjust the date.
  14. Good info Hans. Once again thanks for the tremendous amount of help. Couldn't have done it without you. Please come to the US next year for the 100-way CRW formation attempt. Pulled the Lightning out of the closet for this one. I'm getting boned up for that. Bring the suit and we'll do some flying also. You have a place to stay while in Florida. BJ
  15. An example can be found [url http://www.paralog.net/images/ScreenShotJumpProfileCursorAltitude.gif]here[/
  16. Paralog 3.1.1 version has been officially released. The new version makes it possible to open a window that will give you information between any two altitudes that you want. This window is called "Jump Profile Details". You can change the altitude limits any time you want. Simply download the jump/flight from your GPS into the program, click on the jump, click the "show cursor" box in the window and enter the desired altitudes you wish to isolate and you now have that info. The jump profile graph will have a blue colored box that confirms the limits that were chosen. I have made several wing suit flights with 5 Foretrex 201 units taped to the back of my helmut at the same time. I set the limits in the "jump profile detail window to begin at 3800 meters and end at 1400 meters. The units display a discrepancy of 25 meters at an exit altitude of 4000 meters, but... the information from all 5 GPS units gave identical information from 3800 meters to 1400 and actually until landing. The Paralog 3.1.1 program makes it possible to judge the World Wing Suit Competition to be held in Russia later this month accurately and easy. To see an example go to: http://www.paralog.net/images/ScreenShotJumpProfileCursorAltitude.gif Congratulations Klaus on a job well done. Now it's possible for us to judge this event and competitions in the future. Not to mention all the other advantages we'll get from this version. BJ Alexander - Competition Director
  17. Leo send me a pm and let me know when you'll be here in Deland
  18. The overall winner of the World Wing Suit Competition will receive the Chris Martin Memorial Award and any canopy of your choice provided by Precision Aerodynamics. (excludes tandem canopies)
  19. Please send an RSVP if you plan to attend the boogie. If you are traveling to Russia with a group and some of them do not post on dz.com please pass this email address onto them so that they may also RSVP. We are now starting a head count. This is important so that we can arrange for the MI-26 to compliment the MI-8's. The arrival of the MI-26 will depend on the attendance. Send RSVP's to BALEXANDER49@CFL.RR.COM
  20. The Russians do not post here. The Russians will be there.
  21. There will be others attending that do not subscribe to dz.com
  22. We are currently looking for a person who is familiar with and has the Paralog program and GPS logger on your laptop. If you are attending the competiton and boogie in Russia and are interested in helping us with downloading the collected data please pm me at BALEXANDER49@CFL.RR.COM You must bring your own laptop with the program. Those who are interested will be compensated with jumps.
  23. For those who have tried to contact me within the last 3 weeks, my email address has changed due to my recent move from Washington State to Deland Florida. My new email address is BALEXANDER49@rr.cfl.com
  24. Post: 1-Voodew1 (TX) 2-Professor (TX) 3-FlyinBob (TX) 4-Buried (IL) 5-The111 (LOCAL!) 6-Skyflyingbecca (FL) 7-Moonglo (TX) 8-Luminous (TX) 9-unclecharlie95 (ITALIA) 10-Base733 (UT) 11-nathaniel(IL) 12-HELMUT (Tatooween) 13-OmarPR (LOCAL) 14-RobertPecnik(CROATIA) 15-Purple Mike(Earth) 16-Costyn (NL) (very likely) 17-Matt (GA) 18-Joni (NE) 19-Yuri (Russia-USA) 20-Lifewithoutanet (CA/CO, USA) 21-badenhop (Lodi) 22-Mike Steen (UT) 23-EmLo (Local) 24-DaMan (Local) 25- Rob Jones (Local) 26-Scott Bland (Local) 27-Chris Ware (Local) 28-Scotty Burns (Local) 29-Jeff Nebelkopf (Local) 30-Mike (Local) 31-Paul Mazillo (Local) 32-Scary Perry (Local) 33-Mark (normis) Cochran (Local) 34-Manny (Local) 35-Lurch? (NH) 36-Mudbug(TX) 37-Murphy (AZ) 38-Harry Parker 39-Pendragon (U.K.) 40-980 (Canada) 41-RkyMtnHgh (FL) 42-MarkM (FL) 43-SkymonkeyONE (NC) 44-Ian (?) 45-Aaron (?) 46-Medusa (Colombia / FL) 47-Danny (Puerto Rico) 48-Kevin Keenan (FL) 49-Cyntia (FL) 50-Jose (Turtle) (P.R.) 51-BJ Alexander (FL) Is the turtle going to be able to catch up with the flock? Get Killed or Die Trying! Patent pending ATFK15456
  25. Woe Billy Woe! I'm talkin. I will drag your ass there next year if I have to. How dare you to be a responsible father. Take care of that kid it's what's important. All the gps stuff has been ordered so you got to come down when it arrives to help give it the acid test. (different models to test) I'm countin on you and the James.