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  1. JakGramley

    How old is too old to start?

    Apparently it's 103. https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/oldest-tandem-parachute-jump-(female) I had the privilege to be on this load. She was incredible!
  2. Pieces of Eight skydiving. All amputees. http://www.parachutehistory.com/skydive/records/poe.html Jack Gramley Computer Consultant
  3. JakGramley

    Frontier Airlines

    I once flew from Seattle to Ontario CA with my rig as carry-on, literally. I didn't use any form of bag, just tossed it over my shoulder and walked on the airplane. As I was boarding, one of the pilots was standing, watching the passengers board. He looked at me and asked, "Is that a parachute?" Being a cocky jerk I answered, "Yes, and I'm on an exit row, so you better do a good job!" Upon landing, I again tossed it on my shoulder and waited to deplane. As I got to the front, the same pilot was there, looked at me and said, "Oh, still with us, huh?" Touche.... Jack Gramley Computer Consultant
  4. JakGramley

    Question for windows geeks

    Two things on this. First, I suspect you haven't really removed ALL of the little gremlins on there. When I clean systems for my clients, I use at least 5 different programs to get things back into shape, often running some of them multiple times. I'm guessing there is only a partial removal of a virus/malware that is still setup to execute, but the actual program has been deleted, hence the error. Also, problems nowadays are VERY good at masking themselves and re-infecting the system if EVERYTHING is not completely removed. I stay in Safe Mode until I have all scanning tools giving me ZERO issues. Second. if you suspect there are damaged or missing files, use the System File Checker that's built into Windows: Start in Safe Mode, using F8 key at startup Select Safe Mode with Networking Open a command prompt window In the command window, type sfc /scannow If there are missing system files, that should cure it Take heart, you system is no where near a big problem. You just need a few more steps to get it back to normal. If you want specific information about scanning it for real, PM me. None of the programs/processes cost money and all are readily available from reliable/safe sources. Jack Gramley Computer Consultant
  5. On one of the "Pieces of Eight" jumps about 12 years ago, the pilot was in contact with ATC on jump run. It was a single plane load, I believe out of a Skyvan. As soon as the formation left the plane, ATC immediately contacted the plane and demanded to know what have been released from the plane, because they were receiving a significant radar hit. They seemed sure that we had dropped a large metallic object from the plane. There were multiple chuckles at the Bombshelter that night over that. Jack Gramley Computer Consultant
  6. JakGramley

    Put up a damn picture of something fun you've been doing

    John - See, now that's what I expected to see in your first post. Always glad to know that you and V are still in the air together. WAY too many good times with you guys back in Kapow. Jack Gramley Computer Consultant
  7. JakGramley

    Put up a damn picture of something fun you've been doing

    Dammit John! I thought you were going to post a picture of Valinda! Jack Gramley Computer Consultant
  8. Contact the school at school1@skydiveperris.com. Make it to the attention of Moley Stapleton (chief instructor). He can answer all of your questions. Jack Gramley Computer Consultant
  9. JakGramley

    What an awkward date

    Actually, this is only news worthy outside of the deep south. Jack Gramley Computer Consultant
  10. JakGramley

    What made you laugh today?

    Okay, this is a fake sign, but I actually saw this on a commercial strip center marque on Roosevelt Road outside of Chicago in the last 60's. I looked at it and thought, "Yeah, that would work...." Jack Gramley Computer Consultant
  11. Then thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Jack Gramley Computer Consultant
  12. JakGramley

    if jenna jameson signed your dick would you use it

    Make her eat her words.... Jack Gramley Computer Consultant
  13. Have the student climb down to the float first, then the TM can climb down and hook them up. The exit should be easy then. Jack Gramley Computer Consultant
  14. JakGramley

    Long time NW skydiver passes

    I received word yesterday that Dewey Hunt, a longtime skydiver in the Seattle area, has died from cancer. When I first started jumping at Blue Skies Skydiving in Shelton, WA in the mid 90’s Dewey was one of the core instructors there. He was part of the team that taught me to jump through static line progression. He was a great skydiver, teacher, coach and friend. His interest in CRW took me to the dark side and some of the best years of my life grabbing nylon and building formations. In 1996 he and some of the other instructors talked PD into sending a dozen CRW canopies to the DZ for two weekends and also talked Team Infinity into providing one-on-one instruction. It was a magical time. Blue Skies was a very special place to skydive and Dewey was always there, encouraging those of us that were struggling. My best memory of Dewey was a 3-way rotation jump with him and his log time CRW Dog partner Walt Yoho. I hated rotes, but needed to learn. On that particular jump I came off the top, grabbed WAY too much front risers and threaded the needle between Dewey on the bottom and his canopy, hopelessly entangling us and our canopies. We had wrapped before and had always gotten out of it, but this one was WAY different. Walt wisely got out of the way as Dewey and I spun faster, banging against each other harder and harder. I looked at him and said, "Dewey, we ain't gettin' out of this one." I saw him smile and reach for silver. We both chopped and landed safely. We also spent the rest of the day trying to get my canopy out of a 120' tall tree, smiling and laughing the entire time. He was a great skydiver, family man and friend. I lost touch with him when I moved down to Perris. I'll be seeing him again at his memorial. I hope they wrapped him in nylon when they packed him away. He would have liked that.... Jack Gramley Computer Consultant
  15. JakGramley

    Mel Blanc

    http://www.americanmemorabilia.com/pics/33880_01_lg.jpg Jack Gramley Computer Consultant