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  1. If you are visiting friends, I wish you would put me on the list! I am on the way to the Tallahassee airport if that is one of your destinations. I have thought of you over the years and appreciate every skydiving tip you ever gave me! I remember our jump over Quincey! Have more fun than you can stand!!! Post pictures when you can! Donna
  2. Was that necessary? I think this thread is for people that thought highly of Jack to say their goodbyes..not for those of you that did not to vent hostility. Please, let those of us who have fond memories of him share them here without your venom.
  3. I will never remember the joy of the air and the fun times I had at SDA without thinking of Jack Hammer.
  4. I am glad I am not the only skydiver that hates horses anad am deathly afraid of them!!
  5. drae

    24 hours remain

    I am blessed to say that I have done most everything I have ever wanted to do. So if I had just 24 hours, I would sit with my two boys and just listen to their voices and gaze at their faces. I would want to leave this earth with my eyes full of them.
  6. drae


    hehe that was a funny line. all i could do was shake my head. I was wondering why they didn't show that?! Flapping meat curtains at 120mph! Quote I would have only expected that statement from J!!
  7. drae


    I'm just wondering what you have to do to experience "air blowing up your leg holes"???
  8. I just hate it, and I am so sorry we did not know before Fitzgerald...
  9. Always the side farthest from the door. If someone comes in with ill intentions I want to be as far away as possible. NO...never compromise my position! The covers....when you get my age, you don't want them anyway!!
  10. Happy birthday!! Hope your day is as beautiful as you are!!
  11. I think it is aimed exclusively at men who wish they had a woman who could suck like that................ and no drip!
  12. drae


    I do not generally go "cammando" unless I have Court. Then it makes me feel POWERFUL!! I have Court in the morning!