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  1. Ted was a pioneer and will be greatly missed. I still jump my Quasar IIs that I bought back in 1997 and love it... My thoughts and prayers to all his family and friends. BSBD
  2. WTF Dude... Really ?? Not Cool....!
  3. Jack Hammer - AKA John Sheehy (Skydive Atlanta / Skydive The Farm) passed away in Hawaii a couple of days ago... from a non-skydiving incident. Jack was a very good friend of mine, and the 1st to encourage me to become an AFF instructor many years ago... Thank you for your friendship, our jumps together and encouragement over the years. I'm at a loss for words...You will be truly missed my friend. My thoughts and prayers to all Jack's friends and family.... RIP - BSBD - Peace..... Love you bro...
  4. 67-year-old Frank Keen. If you search on Google and use Palatka and his name, you will find more info. Sorry for your loss...
  5. RIP Chris... Fly free bro.... QUOTE - "Take risks NOT to escape life, but to PREVENT life from escaping ! " Frank Kenyon D24036
  6. Gary... You will be missed my friend. Peace, Blue Skies ! Frank K. D24036
  7. You will be missed Dennis... Fly free my friend. Frank K.
  8. Blue Skies Mike... I enjoyed working with you and everyone at GCS. You will be sadly missed, but never forgotten. My thoughts are with you Leanne. Blue Skies forever.- Frank Kenyon
  9. I recently relocated back to Massachusetts after living in Georgia for the last 5 years. On my return my 1st stop was JUMPTOWN.. was welcomed by many friends... One day Gary took me aside, knowing I had been living down south for some years and now living in the area again and having my home dropzone back... He gave me a tour of the new hanger, equipment and his thoughts on the DZ. Gary showed me how proud he was of the DZ and his love for skydiving. I'm proud to say I knew Gary and that JumpTown IS my home dropzone ! Fly free Gary... Now you dont need a parachute or have to pack! Blue Skies and Peace - Frank Kenyon - USPA/D24036 Feb 2, 2010 North Brookfield, MA
  10. A general observation regarding Tandems: As a Tandem-I and AFF instructor myself... I have profound respect for all instructors and their passengers. Unfortunately over the years I have seen too many Tandem instructors using the last 30 feet for final approach mixed with no base. Sooner or later someone will get hurt, or worse! Be safe ! My thoughts and prayers are with all involved.
  11. My thoughts and prayers are with Bradford Knapp and his family. I've contacted Bradford and sent him a DVD of the jump I did with him and his brother back in January at Lake Wales. Thanks to Andy for trying to protect my email address, and thanks to Ozzie Brad for posting my email for Bradford... no worries, all is good... Hope all is well Mike W, Ozzie Brad, and Andy.... Blues Skies and peace... ~frank kenyon