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  1. deleted, because it was written to be a PM to sangiro...
  2. Both features are active on the new forums, as they are being tested. There are, at this point, no plans to change them, so they'll pretty much appear in the same form they exist on does that mean that my "subscriptions" and "watched threads" on the_base_zone at will still be accessible in the new forum? otherwise i may want to print them as long as the_base_zone still exists...
  3. what about "watched threads" and "subscriptions"?
  4. does anyone know if there is a specific story behind this ad? (see attachment) PS: this isn't base-specific gear, is it?
  5. i found this in the troll manual which i found somewhere on the internet some time ago: does that mean that you should mark the stallpoint on the brake lines while you are flying the canopy? how is that done? you need both hands to pull both breakes, don't you?
  6. i would like to watch more (nonfatal) incident videos (on AND then read some discussions about the circumstances leading to those incidents (on and how those incidents could have been prevented.
  7. hmm, could anybody answer that question? thanks.
  8. mostwanted

    Zak Harness

    any new experiences with the ZAK anyone could post about?
  9. hi LukeH, thank you for your reply. good to hear. i am looking forward to your description. well, i do not own any base-gear and have bought my first skydiving rig only a few weeks ago. you are 100% right. i have not even started. my profile says 42 skydives... only interested. but maybe you are just tired, hungover and bored in work.
  10. i admit: i do not know anything about rigging (as yet) - so this may be crap. sorry if so. if you want to adjust your breakes for base e.g. after some skydives with your base-canopy don't you also have to setup new eyelets on the break lines? how is that done? do you need a rigger to do this?
  11. i just read the article about deep brake settings on the basewiki. there is a passage i do not understand. i marked it as bold.
  12. what do you think about the backsurge-phenomenon that can occur with vented canopies? some say they wouldn't recommend a vented canopy to a beginner because of the risk of a backsurge.
  13. ok, i then think it maybe was another pendulator i saw in that video. is there any video where the pendulator is shown? maybe on have you got some pictures of the pendulator in kjerag you could post here?
  14. unfortunatelly i am not in the position to even think about joining you but could you tell us how much money and time someone should/had to invest and how cold it is on baffin island.