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  1. mostwanted

    "Bad Ideas" list

    what would you think of if some base newbie wears the trackin pants/jacket on 100 skydives before using them on base jumps? yes, a video-camera does not impove performance on a specific base jump. i did not think about a 1st base jump. i thought about the maybe fist terminal jump. do not get me wrong: i do not want to have "those cool" tracking pants/jacket - i only want to do it the right/safe way! i am the very last that would not listen to more experienced! please do not get me wrong if i do not stop asking questions: i am only curious about all that stuff and want to UNDERSTAND it. ok? thank you for your effords to help.
  2. i forgot to attach the canopy-size-chart - sorry.
  3. sorry - my fault - i guess i have to edit my posting because the quote referenced to "stall-drills", didn't it? do you all agree?
  4. mostwanted

    BASE jumping mistakes...

    great idea!
  5. mostwanted

    730 jumps in 2006

  6. mostwanted

    Bridge Day on Belgium Television

    question to the 2 landings of this guy in the red-yellow-go-fast-longsleve: is this the way a landing should look like? (looked strange to me - well, i do not know anything about it...)
  7. mostwanted


    nick, could you make some calculation including the "leading-to-injury-incidents"? would be very interesting, wouldn't it? thanx.
  8. mostwanted


    ...there are (already) some interesting postings in this forum concerning (also) this topic (august 2005): where jaap (referring to the base-fatality list) says, that between 1995 and 2005 14 beginners died 21 experienced jumpers died 16 jumpers I couldn't judge "The teaching that can be drawn by these two accidents is: do not jump Italian subterminal wall: 1) if you are a low timer; 2) if it's windy and/or gusty; 3) if you don't do the right delay; 4) if you don't do the right delay caring to do a good track away from wall/protruding talus. " "So, yes please, someone out there (who can handle the work load and the responsibility of doing it right) should start keeping track of the non-fatal BASE accidents. I know I and every other experienced BASE jumper has at least one good story to tell and this body of knowledge is worth preserving and passing on, just protect your nose . . . "