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  1. Anyone have any info on large boogies in Central America? Websites are a bit dodgy and not updated.
  2. How's the battery life on the session 5's? how many jumps can you get, confidently? How long does it take to fully charge the batteries? Any other drawbacks to the Sessions over the standard gopro 3 or 4 ?Quote
  3. Which model session are you all using, and what handcam glove do you use? pros and cons?
  4. Thanks for all of the information, everyone's responses were very helpful. Really good idea about having initials engraved on the back side and also numbering pack jobs on the data card as well as the log book. I thought there would be some type of control on the die, guess not. My toolkit was just one of the many things stolen out of a storage shed, so I doubt the thieves would have any idea what to do with it.
  5. Anyone know anything about the DZ in El Salvador, is it still operational?
  6. Just had my rigger's tool kit stolen. How do I go about getting a new seal press and stamp?
  7. Red Rock is South of Sedona, which is South of Flagstaff. The drive takes you through Oak Creek Canyon and through the middle of Sedona. The drive to get to Red Rock is worth the trip by itself. Id go to Red Rock and make a day of it, ask the locals for a good place to go after you make your jump. It's a small cessna DZ, so give them a call before you head out. There is a lot to see and do if you get winded out. I recommend the town of Jerome.
  8. I have bought 2 rigs directly from Sunrise, always had terrific service. It has been a few years since I have dealt with them though
  9. I don't see anything that I would change about your description of the way your canopy is opening. The safire and Crossfire are the best opening canopies on the market IMUO. 800-1000ft is perfect, no c-spine injuries or other back problems in your future. However, you can always pick up an older sabre 150 for a couple hundred bucks :)
  10. http://news.yahoo.com/jane-fonda-play-nancy-reagan-film-butler-174024478.html
  11. I just recently (a couple months ago) heard about SD AZ's ban of argus aad's at their DZ. I am just wondering if there are other dropzones that have banned the argus. If there is already a thread on this I could not find it. I think it would be helpful as I found out about the SDAZ ban second-hand from a group of young out of town jumpers that traveled to Eloy for the holiday boogie, all had argus aad's, and all were supposedly turned away. Also, I just checked SDAZ's website and I didn't see any reference to this ban, so if I have been misinformed I retract all of the above statement. If this dz specific ban is true, are there other dz's that have banned the argus?
  12. Thanks for the reply. And yes, I could order a camera jacket, but I do enjoy the satisfaction of building something myself... If I fail I am only out a few bucks and some time. Thanks for the input, and I will probably go with the cutaway cable idea.
  13. Ok, Im sure someone has tried this, but I can't find any online discussions so Im just going to ask..... Wanting to make some removable camera wings for my freefly jacket...First, I know that the ideal method is to order a camera jacket, however, I am now a college student and am poor... I have more time than money, so I can build this for ~20ish bucks I have come up with two possible methods of attachment...1. #5 molded tooth zipper (I've read that molded tooth is stronger than coil but have not confirmed this fact, please correct me if I am wrong) or 2. weaving a cutaway cable similar to a wing suit attachment. I am leaning towards the zipper method because weaving that cutaway cable takes forever and I frequently alternate between doing tandems and tandem video and need to be able to quickly add or remove the wings. However, I know that the cutaway cable method is strong, but do not know if the zipper idea will be strong enough or last very long. It would be a pain to have 1 wing blow off because the zipper failed. Does anyone have any experience with using zippers on removeable camera wings? Any ideas from experience out there? Probably going to start building this w/e since the forecast is calling for thunderstorms
  14. Hey Rick, yes I am local, this is Zach for RedRock. I have not been up there to scout it out, but am just curious of the possibilites. Yeah obstacles were my biggest concern with the area. Im thinking about driving up there and walking the area in the next couple of weeks
  15. Mingus Mountain is outside of Cottonwood, AZ near Prescott and Flagstaff. One of the top Hang Gliding and Para Gliding launch sites in AZ. Does anyone know of anyone ground launching this site? or the possibility of ground launching here?
  16. Thanks for this post, that is Good $h!t
  17. Does anyone have any information regarding a parachute demo team funded by the TXARNG? I have seen references to it online from last year, but can not find any specifics. Does such a team exist, or did it never make it past the idea phase?
  18. Trying to figure out what type of tape m.o.l.l.e gear uses to make the attachment points, Thanks.
  19. I just came across a singer 111w152. I know it is best for medium heavy weight materials. But with its compound feed, can it be used for patching canopies if used with a 16 or 18 needle? I know it is less than ideal, but is it an option?
  20. 4 pack jobs roughly equals 1 jump ticket. If you are at a boogie and make 28 jumps, and pay a packer to pack them all for you, you could have bought 7 more jump tickets/160 dollars in beer/or actually have enough gas money to make it home, since otherwise you would have blown all your money at the boogie.
  21. just for clarification: In the United States, Main parachutes do not have to be TSO'd I could fabricate my own main, its line set, and install it, then jump it. But I could not replace a line on a production main provided with tech specs? This is not my understanding. I have always read the reg to state that senior riggers can replace lines on mains, not reserves.
  22. Check out John Kleug at East Coast Freefly in Zhills Fl. He is a great coach, no attitude, and all about fun and learning. You can look at his schedule to get an idea of his coaching abilities. He has students all day and everyday, from all over the world, and all different skill levels. Most of his students are returning jumpers too. And there is a tunnel one hour away in Orlando.
  23. January '07 Zhills. Lynn the Packer, Moose "atle" and Cake Boy. These photos were taken by Wada from Japan
  24. Anyone out there drive through Waco, or live north of Salado that would be interested in carpooling to the DZ on the weekends. PM me or add to the thread. Zach