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  1. I appreciate everyone's input. It was more of a whimsical idea and wondering if anyone had tried it, than a serious plan. I think you've provided me with enough information to confirm my suspicions that it would be way too risky to be worth it. I'll hold on to my extra risers and D rings for the next dumb idea.
  2. I rather doubt this would happen, but if you would read before posting you would realize that I have already agreed with previous posters that I need to attach somewhere better than the chest strap. I'm guessing you mean entanglement due to unstable exit, or just a malfunction unrelated to the stunt? Falling out of the rig is what you are looking for.
  3. I broke my pelvis in a cliff strike. I knew that the idea probably had some major flaws, other than the ones i saw, which is why I made this post. What are the several flaws that you can see straight up?
  4. I do have a chest strap from a rig that was cut off of me that is still attached to the main lift webs. That might be a fun experiment, but even if the dacron failed first, I'd still have to trust the rating over my experiment, since not all rigs use the same hardware or design. 10-4
  5. You may be right, and if I decide to rig something, prob won't, I will use a more sturdy portion of the rig. Good point.
  6. I realize that none of these things are meant to take opening shock. Mr Bill would still be holding on to sluggo, the idea is to take some load off Mr Bill's arms. The only failure of equipment that would be of major consequence would be the chest strap. I know that chest straps are not rated to withstand opening shock, which is why I wanted to have a weak point in the death strap. Do you really think that the webbing or the hardware for a chest strap would break before a single strand of 900 lb dacron? I could step down to 550 cord, but 10 lb break cord would be pointless. I appreciate that. I added a reinforced attachment point to a reserve that I used to jump a bridge over water. I load tested it and had a friend who is a rigger look at it, worked just fine. I've also patched my BASE canopy twice. This is not my first attempt at diy rigging, and I doubt that I would be "inventing" anything, as I'm sure it's been done.
  7. I have a set of old risers, a couple D rings, and what is probably a really bad idea. I have attached a crude drawing of what I am thinking of rigging up. Each end of the strap would be connected to a D ring on the jumpers' chest straps. The strand of dacron is to make the strap weaker than the jumpers' chest straps and to provide a fail safe in the unlikely event that both three rings fail to release the dacron can be cut with a hook knife. I would love to hear from those who have tried such craziness and I am looking forward to the negative comments ie: you're going to die, how can you be this stupid, why are you such a pussy that you can't just hold on, etc. Flame on!
  8. OK, I will concede that maybe it is extremely remotely possible to get tangled in your own canopy while deploying. However, I doubt that someone with 50 previouse wingsuit jumps would be unstable to the point of barrel rolling or tumbling through the sky. That is why I asked what was meant by the jumper was "unstable." Flying wobbly or dirty would not, by itself, cause a parachute entalglement. I find the cause of the fatality hard to believe and at the very least probably missing some information: like was a low pull a contributing factor or was he using antiquated equipment with lines freestowed in the container? Was an investigation done on the incident?
  9. I am more experienced than my profile reflects, 252 skydives and 77 BASE jumps. I realize that I am by no means a skygod like you, but I have seen many people pitch while spinning, on thier back, head high head low... and the parachute flips them over. There are BASE jumpers who pitch on thier backs and between their legs for shits and giggles. If the bridle becomes entangled with multiple points on the jumper, it can cause it to lock off, but I would call that a PC in tow or a bridle entanglement. Since I don't get it, could someone please explain to me how a canopy can be pulled off the jumpers back and wrap around him? Please keep in mind that all the lines are in a tailpocket, except a few inches near the risers, and that the canopy is being extracted from the rig by a single point with a lot of force.
  10. Was it a low pull? Was he entagled with the bidle, lines, canopy? What kind of "unstable" position are we talking about? This seems insane to me. I have seen many people pull in all kinds of unstable positions and I have personally tossed unstable a few times and have had line burns on my legs from deployment. I have never seen or heard of anyone getting entangeld in thier own canopy and preventing it from deploying. I'm sure someone will chime in and prove me wrong here, but I can't see how you could stop a free packed canopy from deploying once it's out into terminal airspeed for any length of time.
  11. thanks for the info. My profile is off, I have 251 jumps and about a hundred of those were on a Nitron 190.
  12. I am recovering from an injury from a preme/hard opening, had shoulder surgery. My doc said that bc of the extensive damage to the carteledge in my shoulder, if I injure it again I will almost certainly need a should replacement. I want some feedback on what canopys consistently have the softest openings. My first canopy was a saphire 2, which always opened really soft. It is an option I am considering, but I would like to have an eliptical canopy. My last canopy was a Nitron, had to cut it away, and lost it to the trees.