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  1. I delayed my hernia surgery because I just got a new rig and wanted to try it.. I made the Dr promise to release me to jump otherwise I wouldn’t have it.. He did.. I was jumping with in two weeks.. All is good
  2. Still smarting from your spanking, eh? LOL.. Im ok man.. (sniff sniff) (turns around and kicks rocks as he walks away)...LOL
  3. If your getting a full rig.. (container, Main, reserve, and aad) for 1200 .. that sounds like a good deal.. Only if it fits you and is safe (canopy size).. If all that makes sense.. jump on it..
  4. Or you can get yourself a camera and strap it on your head.. You'll forget all about the jump Just kidding... Gosh!
  5. What, all this coming from "The Germ"? I don't believe it. Your profile clearly states you have 6 Freestyle jumps under your belt and from your story you can even deploy upside down! I think this is all a gag and we're collectively being Punk'd. If it is any consolation, some people actually lose control of bodily functions due to the fear and you've never done that (have you?!). Don't fret, it'll be alright. Just go and do it. Or just don't do it and regret it for the rest of your life. Either way, you'll still get an issue of Parachutist magazine delivered to your home each month. thats funny right there... LOL.. I dont care who you are LMAO
  6. come up to Perris next weekend.. Lets meet.. we'll support you
  7. what a great post (not the info) but full of honesty and gratitude You said that God has blessed you.. If you truley believe that .. You also have to believe that he will not put anything on your plate that you cant handle.. and You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Mark
  8. AV/race gas has a sweet smell.. I love it.. We use it in the boats.. When I used to smell diesel it reminded me of traffic.. now when I’m in traffic smelling diesel.. it reminds me of skydiving.. Then I set the autopilot in my truck and daydream the rest of the way home
  9. It's possible that no one jumps with this camera and thus nobody here knows the answer to the question. Ive seen a couple FF'ers at the DZ jump with them with no issues.. and pretty good quality. Samsung also said that the new model with the wireless remote lens does not have this issue.. by the time it comes out .. I'll have already mounted my reel to reel camera on to my shoulders with spit and hay bailing wire I don’t think I'll wear a helmet anymore because the FF'er don’t and it looks cooler.. Plus.. I don’t want anything to get in the way of my wing suite and smoke I think for my 100th jump I’m going to land the wing suite.. Anyone have any ideas on how to do that?
  10. Just some more info for you ... calling anyone here a skygod will not be received well. Skydiving is a SMALL community. Stevo, I appreciate the Info.. That’s why I didn’t attach any names to the word "skygod".. the ones that took offence to it are the ones with the complex.. The ones that matter dont mind.. and the ones that mind dont matter..
  11. Wow.. Lots of reading here.. Anyway.. I got the message.. I agreed to put some experience under my belt and to get coaching from experienced camera flyers before I put a camera on my head.. (I don’t aspire to be a pro vidiographer.. But you never know.. This happened pages ago.. Some of you think that I didn’t like the answers to my questions and turned this into a Name calling, Newbie against Skygod argument.. That’s not the case.. I saw the info in the middle of it all.. and suggested that some people that take the time to share it with other may take other angles instead of the way it was presented.. I’m not a youngster.. And I know the difference of being talked down to and being educated.. If you took the time to post .. I thank you.. and All of us newbies appreciate the info.. But again.. The sport is only as strong as its weakest members.. When your kids have questions.. do you yell at them and tell them NO!.. or do you take the time to explain why? I do both sometimes.. but because I love them.. I take the time to explain to them so that they can make an educated decision. I don’t need it sugar coated.. Some people are jerks and others aren’t.. it doesn’t mean that they don’t have good info.... Someone told me this.. and I tell it to my kids.. and to others.. Your actions are so loud.. I cant hear a word your saying.. After this.. I had to apologize and become a little humble.. and none of that hurt my ego.. I like the way my legs work... My comments were towards the delivery of the message.. Not to the message.. Some of the others seem to have the same view.. And the newbies weren’t the only ones with their panties in a bunch.. I’ll tell you Skygods something though.. After receiving some PM’s .. Your tone clouded the issues.. IF your goal was to educate.. You did a crappy job..and pushed other people away from asking questions. You know who you are.. Just some food for thought. Mark
  12. I looked it up after I posted.. Rookie move.. I got all excited about the experience.. Like I said...I learned my lesson.
  13. It was not about the information he gave... its valid.. it was his delivery.. I asked for information.. And I got it.. much earlier in the thread.. My point again is not that its probably a better idea to get some more experience under my belt before I add new equipment.. I got that info as a result to this thread.. when giving advise it should come from a giving place.. not "Get used to it" or "If you do, expect to be given a hard time" Im the new guy..Your sport is only as strong as your weakest players.... So take the time to teach instead of bark.. I was harsh and shouldn’t have called him a dick.. I publicly apologize.. it was not a class act.. I race boats… Lots of people come to me with new toys, faster, more dangerous….They ask my advise.. If I told them not to drive it because its way out of their league and just walked away after.. Do you think they would listen? Its important to take the time to have it make sense to someone in why THEY are making the decision to wait.. No where in the SIM says it a “requirement” to have a C license to jump a camera.. It’s a “recommendation” So I don’t need your permission.. .. I/we need your guidance.. so that I can make a good decision. Everyone is different.. I know the difference between the people who give and people who bark. Thanks to all who took posted.. I just got sick of those types of responses.. I’ll probably just not ask these types of questions on here anymore..
  14. Get used to it. There are certain aspects of skydiving that are only suitable for jumpers who've got a lot more experience than you. Jumping camera is clearly one of those. So is swooping. It seems obvious to a lot of people, but I'm amazed at those who don't see it. There are countless examples of people who get ahead of themselves and do things they're not ready for. Often times these adventures end in disaster, with helicopter trips to the trauma ward, or worse. It's predictable. Skydiving is not a sport where you can get away with blindly jumping into a new direction. People who do this get hurt, badly. The next time you think you want to try something new in skydiving, your first step should not be to run out, buy that new toy, duct tape it on, and jump from an airplane. If you do, expect to be given a hard time. _Am You don’t need to be a dick about it.. I just asked a question.. Someone suggested I wait until I have more jumps.. And it made sense to me.. Its people like you who keep us from posting our "Great" Ideas .. Like trying to swoop because I think Im better than I am.. , Or wearing a camera.. Or downsizing.. Why dont you get off your high horse.. take the time to explain it to someone instead of assuming that everyone is thick skinned.. I see lots of posts here that start with .."let the flaming begin".. Why don’t you try teaching a little.. Now if you don’t care about the next guy that comes along and doesn’t want to hear it.. Keep talking that way.. I heard the message loud and clear…. The next guy may challenge you with their life.. Take it easy buddy
  15. http://product.samsung.com/event/optin05/sportscam_site/ Here is the link .. just log into the message board and do a search for skydiving.. Let me know if you find anything else out.. I want to buy one.. but.. Im not in a big hurry if they dont have a solution to this issue
  16. To answer your question: I duck taped the same remote lens to my helmet and tried about 6 differn't jumps trying to get vid. Everytime I got into the door the remote camera turned off, I think I have the problem reduced down to the rubber mount flexing and hitting the on off button or opening the battery hatch. In either case I think the rubber mount they send with the cam is a peice of crap. By the way safety first!!! Talk to your instructors before jumping cameras they know what your capable of. I probable shouldn't be jumping a cam if you go off of jump numbers. Please talk to the old timers they will keep you safe.
  17. Like others have said... there's good information in the SIM. You can also find a FAQ in the Photo and Video Forum. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=1108540;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread I believe the BSR in the SIM is 200 jumps and a C-license. (unless it was changed in the 06 version) Scott Thanks for finding that.. I'll follow the rules and wait till I have my C and 200 jumps
  18. thanks for taking the time to find those reports
  19. A little late for that since you`ve obviously already started.
  20. No harsh taken I am open minded to what I should have fear over.. I just couldnt think of it at the time.. Im in no rush.. Its a very cool thinig though.. What could happen? and what is the suggested jump number to start thinkinig about it thanks Mark
  21. I talked to Alex and jumped with Lew all day.. but.. didnt realize till I got home that I was going to get strung out on it.. As far as anything getting caught up.. It is the same camera your talking about.. I put it in my chest pocket and the wire was taped to my helmet.. It felt very small and out of the way.. LOL.. I don’t know why Im trying to explain myself.. It was a normal RW jump I just pressed a button before we left the airplane.. Either way.. I'll talk to them and see what I need to do.. Thanks
  22. Hi all, This weekend another low timer and I were doing 2 and 3 way's. He had a new Samsung video camera. (very small) with a remote lens. So we duck taped it to my helmet and went for it.. I didn’t concentrate to much on anything other than looking at him and jumping safe..(normal jump) I had a blast! Unfortunatly the camera shut off on us (I think it was a standby option we didn’t figure out).. I think it would have come out great IF it had worked..LOL.. So my question is.. How do I get into that? I don’t want to make a career out of it .. but I really enjoyed it. Is there a cheap way to get started? are there any things to be aware of? thanks
  23. I have a new one too. No spins but end cells take a few seconds to open.. then its all good