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  1. AFFI

    A bit confussed

    Where are you?
  2. The YouTube version had to be less than 10 minutes, so I had to chop that edit a bit. If anyone wants to be able to DL the full length edit (5 minutes longer) it is here:
  3. AFFI

    Got back in the air!

    I agree, skydivers are awesome people and it sounds like you are too! Welcome back!
  4. AFFI

    Overweight or out of shape AFFI and or TI

    Don't worry about it, I know plenty of beerbellied JMs the can readily handle solo freefall students. Besides, it's all about the ground training. Don't be concerned about the others, learn all you can about teaching and be the best instrtuctor you can be...
  5. AFFI

    AFF Stability

    It is easier than taking a shit...
  6. AFFI

    No Turns greater than 90 degrees below ???

    We teach flat turns from the first jump and on, we even have canopy control skills that teach Slow Flight /Flat turns on every dive flow in the course. That being said one would rarely need to turn more than 90 degrees to avoid and obstacle low to the ground which flat turns are all about. That being said there is something to be said for going by the book and I am more comfortable with 1,000 feet as well. We teach that when you start the pattern all you need to do is 90's unless an avoidance maneuver dictates more than that, and it if does we teach the importance of performing a flat turn. The salient point is that all the instructors are on the same page teaching the same thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking it slow while learning to pilot a canopy but it is important that all the instructors where you work to be on the same page with the instructional information you convey to your students. Do ya’ll ever have instructors meetings? If you are teaching your course right out of the SIM then yes, it is important for all the JM’s to be on the same page. If not then you should have a detailed curriculum that is standard so all the students are being taught the same thing by all the different instructors.
  7. AFFI

    Attn: all Adobe Premier Guru's...

    I would take the ISO, burn it to DVD, record it to mini dv then re-capture onto your HD. You will get acceptable results for a training production. I am pretty sure Clone DVD may do conversions to AVI, but then Premiree will not import it if it has multiple audio channels.
  8. AFFI

    lazy legs

    Will, You are an inspiration... Hope to jump with you again sometime.
  9. AFFI

    First Solo Landing

    Would you say that the tandems helped you in the skills needed to preform on your solo, and if so how in particular did they help?
  10. AFFI

    Unsupportive spouse???

    AIDS Altitude Induced Divorce Syndrome
  11. AFFI

    Buy a "new" camera?

    I am facing the same dilemma - but the PC D boxes have gone the way of the 8 track eh? After thousands of jumps with a D-Box, it only protected my cam from catastrophic damage maybe twice - I think I am going with a bracket next...
  12. Texas is a pretty big state... no more details?