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  1. I’ll see you on the other side.
  2. Goodbye my friend, blue skies.
  3. lowpole


    She even stopped us from throwing a big ass printer from a casa. ( drove up as we pushed it to the the plane )
  4. lowpole


    My mom called you and said “ don’t take my son on a tandem “ so buzz took you on a morning jump then we “ borrowed “ the king air and I sent mom the vid for Xmas.
  5. lowpole


    I heard you passed , I don’t know what to say? You where like my mother . blue skies betty
  6. I'm afraid of heights and have about 9k jumps. Always promised myself I would never base. I just did Mary's pca for his memory at sunset . You will be missed. ( and the BASE jump scared the shit out of me Darwin's Watching!
  7. I don't know the details but, I think he was proximity flying and something happenend ? He was the most conservitave / experienced flyer I've ever met. Engine or none he could fly it. Darwin's Watching!
  8. Blue skies Mario and all of our love and support to you Steph. Skydive Moab. Pat Darwin's Watching!
  9. Strands were wrapped around the ripcord, handle was still in place on landing. Darwin's Watching!
  10. to be honest , my student saw the main an told me after i transfered to the reserve " your the profressional and i'll let you work that out . i'll try and get the vid up on youtube. adding more pix also. Darwin's Watching!
  11. Didn't know where to post this but, nobody injured and all gear recovered. Those that skydive for a living, or just hang @ the dz all the time know that "student" or tandem suits are rode hard and put up on next load. It all started after we washed our suits the night before; then, did a couple of jumps (tandem) in this suit on my students. Big guy day. Well, no one noticed the hole in the tandems' suit just below his left shoulder on his back. While in freefall, the stray fibers pulled and wrapped around my reserve rip-cord which caused my reserve to deploy as well as my main at drouge release. (see fotos attached - please excuse fuzziness from the extreme close-ups) Exit, drouge-fall and the jump over-all was uneventful; but, as soon as i hit the drouge-release. the inch or 2 that the passenger dropped was enough to fire my reserve. my first thought was that either my lowers or leg straps went all the way out ( reserve tray was stuffed into the back of my neck ) but, i looked in front of me and saw my main ( A2 388 ) going vertically down in front of me. a nanosecond later i pulled cutaway and flew my strong master 425 down while stuffing handles into my student's suit. Now, this is not anything i would have ever noticed or thought to check. so, when it happened i was completely surprised, and felt compelled to post it here. - or wherever it should be on forums ;) edit to ad i was jumping a dual hawk Strong tandem, 388 A2 (main) with a( Master 425,reserve). decent landing under reserve Darwin's Watching!
  12. this is when it sucks to make your living thru a sport that you love and have to make the money.( those that see the internet billing you know ) Local advertising is better. ( edited to add that haven't seen an invoice from Proskydiving ) Darwin's Watching!