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  1. This is crazy! Looks like a giant cupcake flying through the air!
  2. Syrup of Ipecac in a two liter bottle of Coke at a potluck!
  3. Flat Stanley is the name of a childrens book from the early 70's-I grew up reading Flat Stanley! This is hilarious!!!!!!!! Too funny!
  4. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Revolting Cocks, Ministry, Janes Addiction-saw them play at a little club in TJ-best show ever was Tom Waits-there are way too many to mention!
  6. Ramones, Tom Waits-King Crimson, Revolting Cocks and Ministry-great shows-Tom Waits was the best!!!!
  7. Did anyone notice that on Ron Pearlmans jacket last night - he had on a gold parachute emblem that I had never seen before in any other episodes- Or am i a completely dilusional tard?
  8. You can buy a closing pin at Square One at Perris Valley, not more than 7 bucks-if you called them i bet they would ship em-
  9. My step-sisters mother bought the dinnerware from Heavens Gate at an auction and served Easter Dinner on it-I think that is pretty creepy!
  10. They are having a program on about the Power Of Flight, and how vertabrates started flying-very interesting!
  11. So sorry for your loss-I lost a son who was 19 yrs old-just keep going-remember all the great times-feel everything- Sending good thought to you!
  12. Try e-bay!-a few yrs ago i bought a copy from a guy in england-it works perfectly still!