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  1. demoknite

    Tandem student suits

    People laugh, but one of my home DZs from back in the day used Dickies coveralls. I thought it worked out well. Ive seen surplus military flight suits used too. For actual skydiving suits I always see Michigan Suits.
  2. demoknite

    Conducting Skydiving Research

    I dont want to be the "do a search" guy but this one has been done many times. You wont get much scientific data, but it's mostly marketed as a ride these days. Ive been on loads with people who didnt even realize you could skydive "by yourself". Damn near every student hits the ground and says "I cant wait to do it again." Most never do for many reasons.
  3. demoknite


    Ive been to Chicago, Dallas, Perris, Elsinore, Eloy, etc. And somehow this is the best DZ Ive been to. Upon arrival I was treated as if I was one of the regulars. They made sure I had someone to jump with, and brought me into the conversations while waiting. This is a tandem focused place, but you can tell a lot from how a DZ treats it's tandems. All of the tandems are treated with respect and with a focus to have them as students and not on a roller coaster ride. While there are not many people to jump with (while I was there), I still managed to not do a single solo while I was there and I actually ended up doing a little bit of coaching and organizing while I was there even though I was just a visitor. They take the King Air to 17.5K every other load or so for an extra couple of bucks and it gets there super fast. Landing area is massive but the X is right in fron the the packing area so no walking or catching a ride back to manifest. If you are in the DFW area or Central Texas, give this place a shot!
  4. Just go to youtube and you can find exactly what you want. Then ask the poster if you can use, though I think it becomes free to use once posted per the youtube EULA.
  5. demoknite

    Skydiving pregnant...?

    I have known a few ladies that were probably a few weeks pregnant before they found out but stopped immediately. I have never seen a visibly pregnant female skydive. If you are pregnant or think you might be, dont do it, it's not worth it.
  6. demoknite

    Vegas Extreme Skydiving

    The place gets a reputation for not being fun jumper friendly. This is not entirely true. While you can turn up and jump, you probably wont have anyone to jump with and there wont be lots of fun jumpers dirt diving and shooting the breeze between loads. It is a tandem mill plain and simple (one of the most efficient I have ever seen BTW). If you turn up with some friends (2-3 max) and do your own organizing and make yourselves unobtrusive you could probably do two or three in a day. If more fun jumpers (especially local ones) were turning up regularly they wouldnt be turned away and that "scene" perhaps could be created.
  7. demoknite

    Skydive Chatteris

    It's been almost a year since Ive been here, but my view from a fun jumper perspective. I believe it used to be quite the tandem factory, but with the twin otter and cheap jump tickets they are trying to attract some fun jumpers. However they are not quite there yet so they do the loads in cycles of 2 wherein they shut the plane down after the second load while the instructors pack the tandem parachutes back. So between them not having packers and not very many fun jumpers this makes for slow turn around even though they have the otter. If you come at first light leave at sunset you might get 4 jumps perhaps 5. North London is a bit of a stretch as it's in the Fens. Almost every DZ in the UK could use the name. Fun jumpers know to bring their own food and drink so no complaints about the canteen from me. Never had it. Landing area is massive. You can land anywhere in the fens and they will come get you. The staff can be a bit grizzly and full of themselves depending on the day. They all take part in packing, collecting money, cleaning up, etc so they are usually very busy. The other club jumpers are some of the friendliest Ive ever met and will change suits just to jump with you. This could be the UK's Perris Valley or Elsinore once they get a few logistical kinks worked out. If they still even have them.
  8. demoknite

    Skydive Perris

    Was only here for a small time for team training, but its a great place. They only have a smallish grassy area for landing but otherwise the landing area is huge. There are tons of aircraft and a wind tunnel. I'm not sure how fast they turn the loads during busier times, but not to worry, the cafe is amazing. This isn't your typical DZ fare of processed cheese on wonder bread. They are serving up restaurant quality stuff.
  9. Some foreigners dont realize how big the USA actually is, so be advised if you are thinking about just going to Arizona its over a day's worth of driving. Of course you could fly, but you havent said what your expectations are. There are plenty of places in Texas to jump, however the weather in March can be hit or miss with spring time thunderstorms.
  10. demoknite

    Skydive Arizona

    Came here in 2010 so I don't know how accurate this still is. I went in the fall and there were plenty of Europeans getting in on the warm weather and a few teams from Asia training. As fast as you can pack you can jump. While I was there it was a bit free fly heavy, but there is something for everyone. There was some load organizing as well and I did 3-ways up to 10 ways belly flying no pressure fun jumps. The load organizing was phenomenal with the jumps organized for all skill levels to challenge everyone on the jump yet making sure no one was under pressure and everyone was having fun. The only downside is there are two perpendicular landing areas where potentially two patterns could converge at the "corner of death". The wind arrow and tetrahedron are a bit difficult to see and by the time you can see them, the final landing direction is set. They should set up a wind arrow where everyone lands "this way ----->" and instead of two perpendicular landing areas (they also have a military landing area close by) they could have one very large area. However, they do have wide open desert that you are welcome to land in. As most DZs, this one is out in the middle of nowhere, but Casa Grande, AZ is close enough with enough chain restaraunts and decent hotels to take care of non-picky skydivers to stay for weeks.