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  1. paddyFrenchman

    Which lens

    Well, if it's for skydiving id'say go for the 10-22... (even though there might be better lenses for skydiving) If not then it depends what sort of shots you want to take... I just bought the 100mm because intend to do quite a lot of macro and a few portraits. then again a buddy of mine has the 10-22 so hopefully i'll be able to check it out too... hard to tell you go for this one or the other because i don't know what you want to shoot... take it easy, P.
  2. paddyFrenchman

    Which lens

    Hey Scott, It is an unusual question in the sense that the two lenses you're talking about are completly different. One is a wide angle, the other one is a macro lens. It's going to depend on what you want to use the lens for. I'm currently waiting on my 100mm and after reading many reviews, I can't wait to start shooting with it. As you said, it's a dedicated macro lens but it can also be used as a proper portrait lens. Its use in skydiving is going to be very limited, in my opinion. On the other side, the 10-22 mm from canon or the sigma are both used by quite of few jumpers... All of the lenses you mentioned are really good pieces of glass... the question is what do you intend to do with your new lens ? take it easy, P.
  3. paddyFrenchman

    picture quality

    Sony DCR PC330 - stills form the video are at 640 * 480 Canon EOS 20D or 350D 3456 x 2304 Just better quality... Simple... Maybe when thay start combining a very good video camera with a 8 or 12 megapixel still camera you'll start seing people changing their setup... P.