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  1. 528

    TF 30May-2Jun recap

    love your new looks..... you better get the Wi......To.... going before i get back
  2. 528

    MI:III BASE jumping

    hey chrisjust got my new suit...check it out
  3. So..........you jumped/jump the object on regular basis??? ......I don't think so stop bitching, if you get caught one day......trying to do a high profile jump and you have put a lot of thought and effort into it.... you'll get my support as well. Jeb has enough to worry about at this moment....can you say "support a fellow base jumper" later
  4. 528


    Houston Crew..... I'm moving to Houston(from south africa) next month and would love to hook up with some of the boy's, I'll appreciate if someone can mail me at [email protected] 528
  5. 528

    Vegas Locals

    good luck man!!! I'm still waiting (4 months!)
  6. Fuck him and slam him as hard as you can. He did not contact the locals, and there is a growing number of Mexican BASE jumpers. He just burned the best B in Mexico to the ground. He could at least have talked to someone... I agree, he did the same in my country......we still owe him big time! To all his loyal supporters - I hope he'll come to your home town and burn your local opjects on national TV-----go Felix
  7. What part of SA will you visit?....I'm a local jumper and know most jumers in SA....the Cape Town crew jumps the most but don't expect to much from the rest of the boys, dropme a e-mail...if I'm in the country i'll take you around! later
  8. Show your friend jumps of real basejumpers!!!
  9. 528

    Vegas locals

    I'm in vegas and scoped some jumps, don't want to step on toes or burn sites......please contact me on jvaniraq@ yahoo.com ....won't jump the big white thing