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  1. Please PM! Cheers Pat
  2. I was 20 when I did my first A. Did my first crane last night! What a view! Thanks Pick! Cheers Pat
  3. The little time I spent in England, only a handful of my jumps had less than double digit winds up top. Off that same object that I'm sure you visited, there was one jumper that would do a floating back flip when the winds were decent. He said it was good practice for 180's. Cheers Pat
  4. I do believe Taipei 101 is a tad taller than the petronas and I also believe there have been a few people who have jumped lower 95 ft. Hopefully one day he will review his claims, take that stick out of his ass, and learn to not be so scared of the dark. I guess he wouldn't be world famous then. Pat
  5. I really enjoy that one on the right. ;)
  6. I'm game when do you wanna go?
  7. Skydiving is a great sport and I think it takes some crazy skills to do what some of you guys do and things can go wrong very fast while skydiving as well. Especially with some of the packjobs and tiny canopies I have seen ;) Skydiving training dedicated towards BASE is an invaluable tool any BASEr could use. But just jumping out of a plane does almost nothing to prepare you for what will be encountered. Most skydivers don't get on their risers the instant they are above their head. Actually my first few jumps through AFF I would instantly grab the risers and one of my instructors convinced me it wasn't necessary. Evading a canopy flying at you is a lot different than getting yourself turned around from a wall but you do need to react quickly. The thing is though the reaction is usually going to be different. When I am facing something solid I have drilled into my head to grab my risers and stall out the canopy then release one to get it turned around as quick as possible. It eats up a lot of altitude though. If I was facing a canopy I would correct to the point I wouldn't hit them (45 degrees tops especially if they are doing the same) My point is that you need to develop reflexes specific to the sport and unless you are doing drills for them skydiving doesn't help. Pat
  8. I am not so sure how much skydiving improved my reflexes. Unless someone is having a lot of mals in which they need to deal with them quickly or opening up in a cloud of canopies there is nothing that needs quick reflexes like is required to deal with a 180. Actually you don't need to do a anything for a couple of minutes if you open high enough. I've only had two openings facing the object and luckily both were on antennas with a little tail wind. Skydiving itself would do nothing for those cases as there is nothing in skydiving in which you need to deal with that type of situation and facing an object is my biggest fear in BASE. But as I don't skydive very much my opinion may be a bit biased. Now those crewdogs on the other hand... Pat
  9. They just screened Stealing Altitude last night here in Missoula, Montana. Quite a flick. I thought it was great how the jumpers wife could tell when he was going through withdrawel and needed to jump. Pat
  10. For special use permits in Yosemite: http://www.nps.gov/yose/trip/sup.pdf Park Management website: http://www.nps.gov/yose/manage/ and a geological virtual tour of the park: http://virtual.yosemite.cc.ca.us/ghayes/roadside.htm Pat
  11. Might as well just go packed and dump after a second or two while the other person takes a healthy delay. Similar to what they do on the radix video. In Norway you could probably even land in water. Pat