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  1. Third place was actually an S-Bird. Not sure why it was down as an x. Paul.
  2. Butters, I like you alot! Admitting my age was never an issue, acting it is another matter entirely.
  3. I do not see any wingsuit organisers on the Summerfest website. Does anybody know if there will be wingsuit organising and who? Thanks.
  4. Lurch, interesting, thanks. I had noticed that the arm wings seemed to have grown. Did you specifically ask for Xbird size arm wings or is that just the way Tony is making them? Paul.
  5. As Purple said I have jumped the Ghost 2 for most of my jumps but have also jumped the Raptor and more recently the S Bird. I'm just over 5 ft 10 inches and weigh 175 pounds and base my comments on this. I started jumping the Ghost at jump numbers that most would not recommend and found it easy enough. I hear what people say about upsizing and agree that a smaller suit would make it easier to learn but I enjoyed the Ghost so just got on with it. As far as I am concerned it has done me very well. It has great all round performance at my wing loading and I have never felt I have to fold the wings up. Instead I just arch more (bit like FS really but don't tell anybody), this increases stability and allows you to keep your head up. Useful for cross referencing (also a bit like FS). Only time I fold the wings up is diving when I put my hands behind my back. Back to the question. Compared to the Raptor my overwhelming opinion would be it depends on delivery times, colour, manufacturer preferences and a whole lot of things that unrelated to suit performance. Before I get shot down let me explain. I think there are differences. I think the Ghost seems to be slower forward but it may have more lift at slow forward speeds. These differences are relatively small and I suspect many average users (like me) are not getting the most out of the suit and won't really find it matters too much. I also think that the body position for one is not the same as the other so it can be difficult to compare until you have several jumps on both. In the end the only way you can find out what you like is try them out and what you are comfortable in will be better than any suit. Now the S-Bird that I have at the moment is whole different proposition...... Paul.
  6. What would be nice would be a visor that flipped up and cleared the liqid flatlock. That way I could have a part time camera helmet and the full face I like. What are the chances?
  7. No.1. Yuri -- can't wait to f10ck! 001. 1. Purple Mike 2. Matt Hoover 3. Scott Bland 4. Justin Shorb 5. Andrea 6. Voodew 7. Professor 8. Mudbug 9. Jim Brewster 10. Alx72 11. Blanca 12. Kyle 13. Ralph K 14. Eduardo G 15. Daniel S 16. Teh Drunken Skwrl 17. Pepe The Resident Beaner 18. Crazy Russian A.K.A Greg. 19. Paul Cain 20. Elana Cain
  8. I've been thinking about putting a cx100 on top of my Mamba for casual use. I know that the visor would not fully open but I could crack it open enough for a bit of ventilation. I also know that there is not a quick release but it is closed with a fastex buckle under the chin which when pinched loosens off the whole bottom and the helmet lifts off easily. I could mount the camera on a detatchable plate and use the helmet with or without a camera but always have the protection I like without the expense of another helmet. grateful for any advice or experience people might of had with this set up.
  9. Which airport do you need to fly in to? Paul.
  10. 1. Andreea (ladies first) 2. Chris Gray (LO) 3. Scott Gray (LO) 4. Brian Barnhart 5. Marion Mobley 6. Bill Killillay 7. Paul Cain 8. Elana Cain Not sure of exact dates but definately the weekend. Paul.
  11. Suffolk is just 45 mins away but we are already booked on flights for FnD. Hopefully there will be more at Suffolk. Sorry to miss it. Paul and Elana.
  12. Two more! See you there. #1. Yuri - going to enjoy turbulence-free flights while all air-disturbing L/D=0.5 f**ckers are a thousand miles away. 001. Scotty Burns 111. Matt Hoover 3. Andreea (Supergirl) 4. Jarno 'Mc' Cordia 5. Robert Pecnik (maybe:) 6. Justin Shorb (Jsho fo sho. 2020) oh and flock U 7. Matt Shroyer 8. Scott Bland (notsane) 9. me (badenhop) 10. Rick (dzjnky) oh, and flock U fo sho 11. Marion Mobley (fmmobley 12. Michelle (EmLo) 13. Todd (DaMan) 14. Scott Gray (The Brothers Gray) 15. Paul Cain 16. Elana Cain
  13. Does anybody know the exact dates for the boogie at Pepperelle in late August? Assuming it happens again in 2009 that is. Thanks.
  14. Don't know why I didn't add our names earlier cause we booked the flights months ago. Days to do now! 1) 2) Justin Shorb (phoenixRising) 3) Notsane (Scott Bland) 4) Butters (Tony) 5) fmmobley (Marion... bringing my whuffo wife) 6) Supergirl (Andreea) 7) The111 (Matt Hoover) 8) yeyo (gargamel) 9) dzjnky (Rick... "I'm back!!!!") 10) Chris Gray (Booyah!!!) 11) Scott Gray 12) Brian Barnhart (this one goes to eleven!!) 13) Jeff Donohue (the Skwrl) 14) Danny (droquette) 15) Jose (Turtie) 16) Nacho 17) Purple Mike (Purple Quagmire) 18) Bill K.- another fat azz, hope I can keep up 19) Phil Peggs 20) Stu- montana 21) Bones (Randy) 22) Ingrid 23) Salta (Blanca) 24) Alx72 (Alex) 25) Michal (michalm21) 26) Paul Johnston (whizzif) 27) Ken VeArd (flyer299) 28) Ralph (Canada) 29) Steve H. (Flock-U) 30) Paul Cain 31) Elana Cain