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  1. Para-Flite had some Para-Plane Couds were made with Zero porosity fabric early 1970's I doubt we were the first production canopies. They were not marketed that way. Some people nick named them Crispy Critters. I think probably the Barrish SailWing was the first back in the early 1960s. Parachute DeFrance had the first modern ZP fabric that PD and others copied. Raven Industries (balloons) did some plastic film parachutes earlier than that; But there could be others.
  2. Back when I was jumping I could pack in under 5 minutes. The K.I.S.S. principle still works.It's like anything practice makes perfect.
  3. Sky Diving is dangerous and has been since the beginning! However there are things you can do to lessen the danger.
  4. A giant in this sport! R.I.P. Dave say hi to Joe Smith!
  5. When I worked at Para-Flite we did lots of work with domed sliders and also lipped sliders. As a matter of fact we used them on our cargo delivery systems in the mid to late1970s up until the time I left in 1995. Now having lines dump due to bad rubber bands this can cause an out of sequence opening and no slider will prevent that. If the canopy is out of the bag before line stretch it can spread. Without tension on the lines the slider cannot contain/restrict the opening as the canopy has started to inflate. Domed sliders can increase the snatch force create a spike in felt opening shock. I had many instrumented jumps measuring g forces some with very low g forces felt harder than much higher g force openings due to the length of time the forces were occurring. Out of sequence opening can kill or injure.
  6. I was 16 a couple days after my birthday January 12, 1969. Early 1960s an airport was built next to our house and a few months or so later Steve Snyder moved his drop zone there from Valley Forge PA. From then on I wanted skydive so At 16 I did. I had to wait a few days for weather to jump. This January is the 50th anniversary of that jump! That jump is the best thing I ever did!
  7. We heard about some counterfeit Safety Flyer and Safety Star canopies even saw a few. We were not able to track down the manufacturer. Para-Flite was part of the canopy stamp not a second stamp. Also manufactured under F.A.A. TSO C23Bb was part of the stamp. Serial numbers for the Safety Flyer started with R1- Safety Star R2-. if you have any more questions let me know.
  8. First off the deployment brakes were not set, the slider is on upside down and it appears to be a copy not the real Safety Flyer as the stamp is wrong. I put over 500 jumps on the original Strato Flyer and many on the Safety Flyer prototypes. If you have any questions you can message me here. I ran the manufacturing facility for several years until we trained someone to take over.
  9. It sounds like a cheap ass company! When I worked at Para-Flite it didn't matter if you were the original owner or not. We fixed the canopy. I guess it's still a trade secret on making sure a canopy doesn't turn. It isn't just bias in the fabric.
  10. This funny Para-Flite Inc used the Evolution & Evo name back in 1989 through 1995.
  11. If you had a center line on a spring loaded pilot chute it could limit the jump/ launch of the pilot chute.
  12. If 1979 36 way was at the Nationals then it was Richmond, Indiana.