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  1. Greetings All I was hopping you all could over a little feed back on the subject of storing a packed rig for extended periods. My inquiry is due to work commitments I some times do not get to jump for two to three months in which time my rig remains in a rig back stored.I do not put anything on top of it and it lays on a carpet in my bedroom closet as to address climate etc. But on my last reserve pack in Eloy the rigger mentioned to open high because my main was a little hard due to being stored in a packed mode. How should I store my rig for a few months and how should I treat my main on that first jump..air it prior too!! Blue Ones Vman
  2. Hi Harlo I just moved from Singapore last year and strongly recommend learning from S&TA Danniel Lee he does his own thing and will take good care of you.Stay away from Skydive Adventures and Thomas Mathews club. I have seen to many accidents with them. Daniel Lee is a true skydiver and was with me all the way when I crashed in Lido Indonesia. He is what the sport is all about and has more heart and passion for the sport than you could imagine.Contact him ASAP for anything from equipment to advise. Many of the DZ's in Southern California know him he is the real focal point for the sport in South East Asia. Good luck and heads up in contacting this crown at DZ.com they are the finest the sport has to offer and will guide you through the adventure that awaits you.Enjoy Harlo and say hello to the gang in Singapore from Steve Austin aka Vman WHEN IN DOUBT WHIP IT OUT VmanQuote
  3. Hey Dude Whats the Condor doing..Sat support. I was on her in Canada a few years back when I was a sat rat. I am offshore in North Atlantic.ROV for Oceaneering and have two days till my crew change. I am a POP'S and headed for Florida more than likely for a week or two of jumping. Did a wind tunnel camp in January with the Airspeed gang...wild. Blue Ones Vman
  4. Quote Just had my 4th chop and due to the tangled risers and rate of spin I only managed to get to my right pillow after I realised my left pillow for what ever reason...wasn't going to do the job. The reserve deployed in a few line twists and I set out kicking it out before landing in stead of worring about why my left pillow was still attached. The example speaks for itself. I will always use an RSL Vman[email]
  5. I was fortunate to do my B rels ther and had the whole DZ to myself which will never probably happen again.I learnt more in three weeks there than the last year abrooad. Exiting regularly at 14,000 ft. and landing in an area wher you have unlimited room has also proven to be a rare thing. Best of all no attitudes just 24 hours a day of skydiving. Full marks in my books. I will definitely return. Steve Austin
  6. Vman


    Well done Sangiro Some serious direction for a change on the web site definitely the missing link here Vman
  7. Vman

    Accelerated Healing

    I recently fractured my 2nd to 9th rib and collapsed my lung or what they call evidence of a moderate-sized left pleural fluid present with partial atelectasis of the lower left lobe.Crashed on 08/12 and after 3 days in hospital I was discharged due to the lung drained well just responding to antibiotics.Doing stationary bike and light weight training already. Bullshit right....just a case of you are what you eat. I never hear people mention the obvious facts of a diet high in antioxidants,minerals and aminos.The whole weight trainning thing is not a just a matter of getting big and toned but of the resistance your skeletal system replaces itself and grows with this combination. Bones will grow stronger if they are progressively exposed to such a multi directional pull with the addition to the supplements that are out in the market today. Little things like no fluids cooler than room temperture and no booze will also let the body repair itself much quicker. Some of the skydivers mention positive mental attitude also incorporated in the healing process this goes a long way similar to the visualisation we all do in this and other sports. I played a lot with wholistic medicine i.e. Asian and they work alot with the circulation of the body. Just some angles I have been succesfull with in sports. Retiring from professional Thai Boxing at 39 and Commercial diving just recently at 44 was more than enough proof on what the body is capable of. It's just how hard do you want to work at it and do not kid yourself there is some amazing options out there if one wants to take the time to do the R&D. One life..might as well get all the miles out of it you can. Hope Pyke takes this into consideration. Best of the Festive Season to All Vman
  8. Working abroad for the last fourteen years I am always in awe at the recovery abiliity and the classical examples the ole US of A continually deals the rest of the planet. For no country takes it as good as it gives but you Americans. God Speed America From a concerned Canadian abroad Singapore Top Pop #1 Vman
  9. Welcome to a sport where you will meet the coolest people on the planet. Congrats Singapore Top Pop#1 Vman
  10. Pyke You going to make Pops World meet in March in NZ? Will definitely fire a few cold ones your way after that post. Respect Vman
  11. Good on ya mate Anything to lighten up the net helps. Well done on the licenses...not many of us. Singapore Top Pop #1 USPA C-3107 APF B-1419 Blue Ones Vman
  12. Viking Sounds like your sexual frustrations are or being channeled and effecting your day to day life. For starters kid, listen to the opposite sex who are also mothers.The individual you currently refer to as" BITCH" is obviously attempting to enstow responsiblities and character in that young and experience mind of yours. If such a simple shore as a little construction work frosts your pickle maybe you should consider looking at it in a different way i.e. If your are successful and God forbid even do a good job of this minor shore without whining you might yes just might aqcuire a tad bit more of self esteem with yourself and save us adults from listening to a mere child! We all had to grow up and some of us unfortunately had to do it with out a Mum through some of that part of out lifes. The owner of this site goes to great extents and efforts to supply us skydivers (yes kid this is a skydiving oriented site not a Pubic Wish I May Wish I Might site) with contacts and advice to improve the sport we love...what you were thinking to waste space condemming your mother and highlighting what a child you are only enforces one thing in my mind. When I come to Perris in December to jump and share the hard earned spare time of the people who also contribute or enjoy this site you wont be one of them. You ..in my books do not have a grasp on the responsibilities nor maturity some of us take for granted we all have to jump out of an airplane with. GROW UP KID ! Your Ma would wash your mouth out with soap if she knew what you referred to her as. Some of us are still growing up but at least we can rest assure we have the respect of others and thier trust. You sure as hell don't! Give yer Ma a hug Vman
  13. I believe I have the worst story and got you all beat. Havent jumped since Oct.22 last year due to work.injuries or the odd trip to the crowbar hotel ! With my lawyer taking all my jump $$ even sold my main a few months back. But the big guy upstairs helps those who help themselves and have confirmation on court concluding and a month off in December. Perris will never be the same...reading this thread has supplied me with alot of faith to an end I thought would never present it's self. As for the not getting laid scenerio young Viking expresses try my neck of the woods South East Asia sure we can sort you out son. Look forwartd to seeing the gang in Dec. Vman Singapore Top Pop#1
  14. Vman

    Landing Out?

    AFF LVL 5 Kali Jetti Commando Base in Indonesia I was jumping a Falcon 230 I believe and the wind picked up big time and I got backed up several miles. I managed to line up some goats path between the bamboo fields about six feet wide as I landed backwards. The natives were great about helping pic my main out of the jungle and was picked up by the base ambulance. Just another day in the jungle. Vman
  15. Hi Michele Good to see your pushing on with the jumps. I found once I had 20-30 jumps I started using an audible altimeter in addition to a wrist meter. This made me feel more comfortable and conscioius of what Iam doing each of the three alarms.Although it is not a substitue for visual reference and a standard wrist altimeter it helps and is just that much more support as a back up. I completed 125 jumps in three months and currently on a ten month break so far. I will have to forward my experiences as you have when I get back into it courtesy of work commitments. One can never find new oceans if one does not lose sight of the shore! Vman