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  1. With the cost of day care, driving the kids to day care or school, after school babysitting, paying for cleaning service, lawn mowing or landscaping, buying fast food or prepared food for dinner can eat up most of a second salary. Also, missing soccer games and other after school activities because you are still at work, being too tired to help with homework or spend time with your kids.
  2. Don't you mean the next 2 years of their life.
  3. The Catholic Church is loosing members, they need to bump up the members and the $$$.
  4. There were 6 siblings in my moms family, they had a total of 7 children. On my dads side there were also 6 siblings with 9 children born, 5 adoptions and one sibling died during WWII and had none.
  5. It is a wonder that there are any more people living in Cabot Cove with people being killed every week.
  6. At one of the past Symposium banquets, I was sitting at the same table as John and Nancy. I told John a couple of skydiving related jokes and and he was laughing pretty hard. He was a good guy and will be missed. If there is a memorial, someone please post the date.
  7. A friend of mine used to say, "it's ok to lie for the government but not lie to them".
  8. I also heard the same thing, always wear clean underware incase you get by a car. Hawkeye Pierce from "MASH" said " I always wear clean underware incase I get run over by a tank"
  9. Many of us on this forum are at an age that before things get really bad, we will be gone. It appears that society is on a downward slope and it is logarithmic not linear.
  10. My old underwear is a little shredded, does that count as lace?
  11. You say that like it is a bad thing. Fewer people, less energy use, less CO2 in the atmosphere, global warming slowing down, less traffic on Interstate 4 between Orlando and Disney World.
  12. Now all we need is a world wide electric grid so the part of the day time part of the earth can supply the night time place.
  13. That would be the Amish? The local Amish Use propane.
  14. No moving parts but still moving at 650,000 miles per hour.
  15. Skydiving first started at the Ovid Airport, D82, in August 1967. The original Parachute Jumping Center License from the New York State Department of Commerce Bureau of Aviation is hanging on the wall at manifest. The DZ moved to Seneca Falls, N.Y. in April 1972. I opened Finger Lakes Skydivers DZ in Ovid in May 1982 and operated until November 2015. The business was sold and new operators began in April 2016 under the name Skydive Finger Lakes. The business was sold again and the next operators took over in April 2018 and operated through October 2021. They sold their aircraft and moved out of the area. There was no skydiving business operation during the 2022 and 2023 skydiving season. There was occasional skydiving by invitation only for experienced jumpers during those summers. A completely new skydiving operation, Skydive Seneca Lake,, will begin on April 25, 2024 with a Cessna TU-206 and a C-182. They are in no way associated with any of the past operations. I purchased the Ovid Airport in 1989, it has a 2800 X 40 paved runway and 2200 X 60 turf runway, 20+ acres of landing area, heated and air conditioned clubhouse with kitchen, lounge, restrooms with showers, and indoor packing area. It is locate in the center of the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. You can see 7 of the finger lakes from jump altitude plus Lake Ontario and on a clear day you can see Canada. John King
  16. Does that let Jerry Lee Lewis off the hook.
  17. Ithaca NY, Tompkins County is buying 12 new diesel busses. They have 8 electric busses that keep breaking down, hard to service, cant get parts and the company that built them is out of business. They plan to buy electric busses from a different company when the time comes to replace their new diesel ones.
  18. johnhking1

    Lucky me

    We were in the path of the total eclipse but it was overcast. We did get a peak of the sun through thin clouds when it was about 25% covered. It was cool as things got dark to the west. When it got dark, we saw out door lights on some houses come on and a cell tower red light came on. It got dark as night for a little over 4 minutes, really cool. I could see a tower to the east with a white strobe. As darkness passed to the east, I could see that tower light change to red. Looking west, it looked like sunrise and east sunset. As the shadow completely passed east, I could see that tower light change back from red to white. Even though we couldn't see the sun, it was a pretty cool experience.
  19. I better stock up on hammers and steak knives before a back ground check is required.
  20. There was an An-2 based at my DZ for a number of years. When it first arrived, the local FAA told the owner, no jumping from that aircraft. Pinocchio told me that no one ever jumped out of that airplane here.
  21. Yes, New York State has an 8% tax on automotive and aviation 100LL. If you are using it off road, for example farming, mowing, etc and aviation, you can file and get the tax refunded. If you are using a lot of gas, it is worth it but using your garden tractor, chainsaw, etc, flying cross country and stopping in New York to fill your plane, not really worth it so New York keeps your money. I buy off road diesel for my mower and there is no state highway use tax but there is federal highway tax. I file to get a refund on that. If you burned Jet A in your diesel mower, you could get a tax refund also.
  22. I used to buy Jet A and 100LL in bulk from a supplier for my DZ. All the taxes were included in the price that I paid including state and local sales tax. I didn't sell any of the fuel but if I was in the retail business selling fuel, I wouldn't have had to pay the sales tax when I bought it but would have to charge sales tax on the selling price then pay that to the state. At the end of the year, I filed to get a refund on the state highway tax.
  23. I believe that the tax increase would be on all jet fuel including jump planes.