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  1. But I had to choose Boobies Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  2. I started wearing one when I was a packer back when we had spring loaded pilot chutes. If I forgot the ripcord, then I could put the pin from my necklace in place until I got a ripcord. (Yes I know, I'm Old) Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  3. Are you the one that will be passing out the glitter? Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  4. All I had to fill up was a Honda Civic. I could not imagine filling up an SUV. Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday, Don! Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  6. When are you going to bring that grill to SDA? Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  7. You can't go wrong with Kingsford or Royal Oaks Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  8. Taco Bell + Doritos = Open door on the airplane! Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  9. From the Halls of Montezuma To the Shores of Tripoli; We fight our country's battles In the air, on land and sea; First to fight for right and freedom And to keep our honor clean; We are proud to claim the title of United States Marine. Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  10. Slow drivers in the left lane. If there are more than 1 or 2 cars behind you, you are impeding traffic! Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  11. Perverted (according to your rules I cannot use sickandtwisted) Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  12. How long before this thread gets locked? Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  13. Fake, but very entertaining. Clicky to the follow-up BTW- She is a Hottie! Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  14. Nope. It looks like the event was held anyway. Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  15. Skymama, Can we play Doctor? Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  16. I do not have a problem with coupons. However, I would not use them on a first date. It is ok as a topic of discussion. That way you get a feel for how the other party feels about their use on future dates. Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  17. I would ask her to lift the restraining order. Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  18. thanks - regarding waiting till winter my visor is knackered and pretty much unusable (I now ride with it permanently up so I can see where I am going). I can't really wait 4 or 5 months unless I special order a visor replacement (expensive due to the age of my helmet). I had a similar problem with a vent on my helmet. I talked to a friend of mine that is the manager for a local cycle gear store. She contacted the manufacturer & they sent me a replacement part for free. Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  19. The flip up visor has gotten better on the HJC If you like the fit & price of HJC try KBC or O'Neal 707 The best time to buy a helmet is the winter time when few people are buying & the gear stores are trying to get rid of last years inventory. Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  20. At least YOU have tap water. How hot do you think the water was from a water buffalo? Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  21. /20/ 20 tandems For first time I passed another tandem in freefall. 135 lbs tandem instructor + 100 lbs student = slow fall rate 200 lbs tandem instructor + 200 lbs student = not so slow fall rate Skymama stalker #69!!!!
  22. I will let him tell the story about the super-soaker & this past weekend. Happy Birthday Don! Skymama stalker #69!!!!