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  1. I'm curious as to peoples thoughts about what seems to be the squirrel design ethos. More efficient planform to reduce overall wing surface area while maintaining or improving overall performance. A smaller more manageable surface area that performs as well seems like a great step toward safety... Is the drawback the internal pressure? Is the principle engineering difference between say the Rafale and the F2 the rigidity of the wing (roughly equal performance but different wing sizes)? I've only flown an ATC from squirrel and have flown a ton of PF designs (currently on a strix and Alpine 2).
  2. Is there any video out there of the Alpine-2? -- which has been out for a while. Any comment on the improvements from the first iteration of the suit?
  3. "Lead times vary from 2 weeks up to around 12/13 weeks in the high season." Sssssooooo.... what's the current lead time? I'm assuming this is near high season?
  4. freedom1

    PF Fins seems a little odd...
  5. freedom1

    PF Fins

    I've also got a venom power and have done about 20 jumps with the fins and 2 without. To be sure, I prefer it with the fins. Like you, I've found it really noticeable in a slower mode of flight for some reason. Granted, when I was flying steeper I took it easy on the aggressive turns as I didn't want to start fish tailing. But with the fins I felt as though I was on rails even when spinning through near head down cork screws. Though, if the fins are not placed on the suit perfectly they do seem to move about or are pinned out to the side. fortunately they are just right on my suit. But a friends venom has the fins pointed out to the side. So for him, the fins make little difference and he chooses to fly without them.
  6. got almost the exact same inquiry; "Username => clintonbxx URL => Name => Clinton FromEmail => [email protected] City => Country => Comments => I want to purchase your v4 still available for sale,What is the last asking price,I will like to pay using PayPal,After payments has been made,I will arrange for the pick-up and will you let my courier agent to come to you house for the pick up?Because i don't want you to worry yourself about the shipment,Kindly get back with more pictures. Regards"
  7. long shot, I know. I fly into lax at 1045am on sunday dec 28 and fly out at 730pm on sunday jan 4. if anyone is flying at those times, or close to, and wants to split a rental car I'd be keen to share to cost. If anyone who lives in the la area and drives to the dz, I'd happily pay for all your gas for the trips. thanks!
  8. the suit looks great! I know you've only got a couple of flights on the suit but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on flying style differences between the power and v4. I'm also transitioning from a v4 havok and would love hear about the differences in the effort required, in terms of muscle fatigue, when flying the power compared to the v4. also have you tried flying without the fins? if so any comment? Mine will be here soon and I'm just stoked to hear what folks have to say. thanks!
  9. anybody else receive their suits and have pics, videos or updates on lead times? thanks!
  10. ya, shitty story. And an all too common one relayed in this forum over the years. A few years back it took seven months to get my V4, however this year when I ordered my carve I was quoted a nine week lead time and was delighted to receive my suit in just over eight weeks! I know these suits (vampire vs carve) are manufactured on separate lines but am hopeful we'll hear less and less of these stories going forward ('cause I fricken love the suits!). I've just ordered a venom power and will be very interested to see how in-line the delivery is with respect the quoted lead time. I'm betting it'll be pretty close, but of course I have a vested interest in it being so.
  11. have you received your suit yet? Just hungry for more info/data and even just a few closeup pics of some of the features.
  12. I'd be pretty interested to know the key performance differences between the power and the race. Though they are a different cut they seem to both be going after a similar performance envelope. Is it simply that the power has more float? It sounds like they are both precise in terms of maneuverability with ferocious forward speed…. any insight would be appreciated.
  13. ah ha. yessss indeed. I initiate with my shoulders for both barrel rolls and back fly transition. I hadn't realized transitions could be initiated from the hips. is this the correct way to go about rolls? It looks like there is very little in the way of arm inputs for some transitions to the back. perhaps a quick bend in the elbow?
  14. In thinking about making a concerted effort to take on acro as an extension to distance / speed, I’ve been thinking a lot on the topic while the weather fails to cooperate. I’ve heard a few folks talk about intention in your movements (rather than just going by intuition) in that you really have to understand the outcomes of a particular input. So when it comes to learning to fly in all orientations can we identify common mistakes upfront and prevent them from becoming habit. To this end; half barrel roll / back fly transition: doing the roll causes the pilot to pitch forward causing a head down orientation. What causes this and what can one do to prevent it and obtain a smooth transition? losing lots of altitude in a barrell roll: Watching acro competitions, the pilots hardly lose any altitude when performing a roll. It also looks as though when multiple rotations are done, neither of the arm wings comes completely into the body. This seems a rather complex helical orientation of the arms that allows one to corkscrew? please add to and expand on ideas that you think are important
  15. Planning a trip to the US for working on my flying. I'm curious what the best all around american wingsuit dz is? I've been flying my v4 for a few years and have about 200 jumps in it (another 110 in an sfly expert, and about 70 on a classic1) but would like to spend time digging into acro. By best I mean; 1) the most pilots around all the time (to fly with and learn from) 2) good coaches to learn from and interact with 3) great weather, beautiful scenery 4) enough planes and folks around to be able to get in 50-70 jumps in, say, a 2 week period 5) and perhaps some reps from a few companies that have suits to try out its a bit tough to pick the single "best" so if you can't choose between a couple I'd love to know which in the US are your favorites. many thanks!