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  1. Blue Sky's Howard...I'm saddened by this news...
  2. makes me sick. Can't stand the stuff. Got a tube of em just sitting in the cabinet "just in case" to me they are only good for serious pain
  3. the only reason I question this is the way the attendant phrased her statement. Like it was possible to demand off of the AC, but her tone implied that it wouldn't be wise. Aparently you could be stranded on the tarmac for as long as the airline wants to keep you there. I was hoping someone in the industry could shed some light.
  4. United, RDU, weather/FAA hold. Understand the committed part Just wondering about repercussions!!?
  5. long story short, 2 1/2 hours on tarmac, connecting flight already departed and knowing I am facing a stranding at my next waypoint.A verry agitated traveler next to me is told by stewardess the only way we are returning to the gate is if "someone demands off of this plane". What are the repercussions of this??? After spending a weekend in airport limbo hell I was wishing I had demanded off of the plane!
  6. trust me ;) I was a bartender for years!
  7. Devil Dog: 1 part absolute 1 part Frangelico Small wedge of lemon Bite the lemon and drink the shot! Tastes just like a devil dog! Yummy!!!
  8. oldphart


    ya know , I think I saw that same guy. And I thought that could be ME! If fate or circumstances were reversed how would I function in that guy's situation!? Life can put any one of us in places or situations we couldn't have imagined and how we react to these changes can sometimes be unpredictable even to ourselves, especially if people who were once considered freinds don't react like we had anticipated! Don't know all the details but I feel for Slyde. He appears to be someone who has invested a LOT into our sport and seems to feel the powers that be have turned there backs on him. Keep on truckin' Slyde! Duane
  9. have you tried ? Very reasonable prices on ripstop. Especially the "samplers" . 3/4 or 1 1/2 oz assortments you get 10 colors 2 yds each. They are about 60 inch wide!
  10. I tried to watch that video on my iPhone and got the message that this video doesn't support iPhone. Bummer; my iPhone is my ONLY communication device! What are the improvements on the new version?
  11. peeled,sliced, celery salt,fresh ground pepper, and a drop of balsamic vinigar on each slice!
  12. remember the "force" luke, now shove it in there like I showed you with the finger puppets! I laughed so hard beer came out my nose!!!
  13. been brewing for years. Best bang for the buck are glass carboys.I do my primary ferment in 6 gal. carboy then rack(syphon) the brew to a 5 gal carboy for secondary fermentation. Charlie Papazians book "the complete joy of homebrewing" is a great place to start .I have aged some of my IPA's for up to a year and they were awsome. CLEANLINESS is key. Check out your local brew shops.most of them are verry helpfull. Good luck!
  14. when they released their album Long Road Out Of Eden it was available EXCLUSIVELY at WalMart !!! I guess they are a fine group if you like pablum
  15. ok seriously, at a minimum FULL eye protection. Once with those cool looking skinny wrap arounds a bug hit the edge and splattered into my eye. I almost lost it on that one. Switched to impact resistant safety glasses with interchangeable lenses that fully covered my eye sockets.