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  1. calledisrael

    Dislocated Shoulder?

    After I had surgery to repair my shoulder I did one tandem and flew in the tunnel -- just to be sure I felt confident. (I had had /multiple/ in-air dislocations, though... so it had started to create an emotional reaction in me...) Do what you need to feel solid - you'll be fine.
  2. calledisrael

    Dislocated shoulder

    I'll chime in to say that I too had multiple dislocations, and each time it came out more easily (by the 4th time, my shoulder would come out in freefall - no grips needed, just through air pressure) - It's so worth getting it fixed. I had surgery (Bankart repair) and PT for a few months, and now my repaired shoulder is stronger and more secure than my uninjured one. Left OR right, repeatedly landing a parachute with both toggles in one hand is NOT a lot of fun. It won't keep you from jumping - if you take the time to get it healthy to jump. After PT I tested it in the tunnel and on a tandem (enough strength to pull) - and was confident.
  3. calledisrael

    Monday morning office inspiration

    I've never wanted to base jump, but this video made my Monday morning much better
  4. calledisrael

    Aggieland closing......Damn

    so sad to hear this. aggieland made skydiving real and fun for me, and i drove pretty far (and past at least 2 dzs) to get there when i could go. good good people. best of luck to todd and kathy.
  5. calledisrael

    Shuttle Launch Delayed?

    I work at JSC... and I just checked on things; pretty sure (for the moment, at least) - we are still on... life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. (helen keller)
  6. calledisrael

    Game recommendations for Wii

    personally i like trauma center: new blood. there's something about doing surgery on people, cutting them open, that makes me feel better after a bad day
  7. calledisrael

    1st time - Big or small DZ

    Exactly. When my sister wanted to jump (tandem), I drove her the 2 hours to my favorite small DZ rather than take her the 30 minutes to the local very large one. The big DZ is a great place, but she had a much better experience for a first-timer at the small - everyone talked to her, she felt connected, it became a personal thing instead of an anonymous-push-through-the-tandem-machine sort of deal. If someone wants to become a jumper, though, the previous poster is completely right: start the place you want to stay or would go most frequently. Make friends, build relationships from the start. Have fun!! There is incredible jumping weather in Texas today, I'm sending some of it your way
  8. calledisrael

    jumping after breaking fibula

    i had the exact same injury two summers ago, spiral fracture of right fibula, about 3 inches above my ankle. i didn't jump for 7 months, because i didn't feel completely back to normal and pain free until then... ... but as everyone said, it depends on you and your injury and your recovery and your doctor. life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. (helen keller)
  9. calledisrael

    To anyone who wears a shoulder brace

    I had the same surgery after an accident and 2 in-air dislocations. Wore a brace for my next 3 jumps with no incident - it was probably all mental, honestly. I don't remember what the name of my brace is but I will look when I get home. I do confess, the tunnel wrecked me. I didn't have trouble per se but could hardly raise my arm for the rest of the day - but 30 min is way longer than a skydive. This was about 8 months post-op. life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. (helen keller)
  10. calledisrael

    can't arch properly

    one of the instructors at the dz where i did aff always recommended one of those balance balls, the big ones that they use in pilates - talk to an instructor if you want to know how to do it. i used to read arched backwards over it, head almost on the floor... and i was always a good arch-er.
  11. calledisrael

    AT&T I-Phone vs. Sprint Instinct-Opinions Please?

    I just ordered my iphone, Nina. You know you want to. Don't settle for imitation
  12. calledisrael

    AFF 4 : Very humbling experience.

    get your shoulder looked at. just to be safe. i injured mine once jumping and didn't think it could be that bad, it was better in a few days. what had been one dislocation became 3, and it got worse, not better. be safe and get it checked out, for your skydiving future. just saying...
  13. calledisrael

    magazine suggestions for pilots?

    i wondered if any of you pilot-types could advise me... i want to get my dad a magazine subscription or two for christmas. he gets "AOPA Pilot" - can anyone suggest something else that's really good? thank you very much
  14. calledisrael

    Space Shuttle Countdown

    no, you're right. the capsule/vehicle is called orion. the rocket is called ares. the whole program is called constellation. life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. (helen keller)
  15. calledisrael

    Space Shuttle Countdown

    the constellation project is next after the shuttle program, and the launches will be just as magnificent. :-) they are going back to large rockets like before, with a capsule, rather than the reusable vehicle with boosters. i saw my first launch live this past summer, and it was like seeing it for the first time ever. tv doesn't compare at all...