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  1. calledisrael

    AFF 4 : Very humbling experience.

    get your shoulder looked at. just to be safe. i injured mine once jumping and didn't think it could be that bad, it was better in a few days. what had been one dislocation became 3, and it got worse, not better. be safe and get it checked out, for your skydiving future. just saying...
  2. calledisrael

    Elementary School Talk

    i imagine you can take up half of it with questions. i got called the other day (no kidding) by a third grade class wanting to know if skydivers really said geronimo when they jump. (they were studying native american history or whatever.) i was like, um, well, usually i am having to say "up, down, airplane..."
  3. calledisrael

    Simple Physics Question

    i am not a physics person or anything, so i will let someone else answer this. but i will encourage you to read _the parachute and its pilot_, which was SO helpful for me and talks about lots of these principles. brian germain. i stole a copy from one of my coaches :) still need to give it back now that i am finished...
  4. calledisrael

    goofing around with gear.

    i've taken mine up to the highest floor of an open-centered mall, calling down altitude to a friend on the lower floors. we made a game of it, and it was hilarious. a commercial plane might be next....
  5. calledisrael

    Skydive Spaceland San Marcos

    I am sure not experienced at skydiving, but this place is great. I went up with three friends to take our first ever tandem. Two of us were really nervous, but the instructors were great, very flexible and patient. Great facilities, beautiful weather, fun people to be around. the goofing around in the plane was hilarious. I never felt unsafe - we just had a really great experience. It's great to try something as new and as out there as skydiving is with people who you know love it and want you to love it too. Watching how excited everyone was when we landed and came in and went ahead and bought tickets to jump again... you know that's when you are dealing with people who are doing the right thing. thanks, guys. I sure do love it.