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  1. dorbie

    Bungee pilot chute

    Have a rigger look at your kill line length. They shrink with time. Decocked can also mean many things, if it's just slipping an inch out of the window it's an inconvenience not a hazard. The only time I've had a kill line uncock is when I roll pack because the attachment point at the apex is less than ideal and tends to pull on the line. It's no big deal to recock your pilot chute after bagging. Don't simply cock after bagging without cocking before, there's a chance the kill line will grab some fabric and offer some resistance if you do.
  2. dorbie

    Chopping Is Just The Beginning

    The pull force is affected significantly by the loading of the 3-ring and G-forces. I know one jumper who jumps 3rd party risers on his rig now because of a hard chop in a spin. He tried reproducing a hard pull on the ground and the only way he could do it was to have two friends help load the harness. With the added G-force the pull force became impossible for him to accomplish with one hand. Hanging from carabiners and not the risers your cable is routed through can never reproduce that. You don't need a repack cycle to chop with your real risers, but any loaded riser would be better than a carabiner.
  3. dorbie

    Bounce Bingo

  4. dorbie

    GoPro snag mitigation

    The hole is for screwdriver access, other ports could be added for finger access, but I'd rather keep it clean. I could also add enough space to remove the sled but this started with the idea of attaching by hooking under the camera, I think I will ultimately go that route so it would be detatchable rather than permanent.
  5. dorbie

    Parachute Center

    please delete
  6. dorbie

    Do Skydivers Care About Safety

    Well the clicky didn't work, here it is clean:
  7. dorbie

    Do Skydivers Care About Safety

    More like Apr 7, 2002. Here's the link for anyone who wants to read the discussion:
  8. dorbie

    Ads hosing the site again

    I experienced some of this, kept timing out during text entry, then working then timing out again in mid sentence, *VERY* annoying.
  9. dorbie

    Skyhook is awesome

  10. dorbie

    Protective Helmets

    That icaro is a skyrunner, the color is blue velvet. I own one and have jumped with it. It would be viable if the visor was latched, the chin did not protrude as much and the neck had a seal. All full face PG helmets have huge chins as part of the face protection. In RW it's way out there catching air and blasting your visor up. It is it just doesn't do the job but it could with some design change. I noticed this today: There is a cut version without the dirty great head hook near the reserve container: and one without the chin protrusion but the visor is unsuited: The chin still seems to protrude in some of these (in real life it protrudes more than is apparent from the images). Dunno about the neck & visor for sure. It's encouraging that skydiving is somewhat on their radar. My icaro and other PG helmets have a good half inch of protection all over of rigid injection moulded styrofoam that will mitigate heavy impacts. They're still light and the extra size isn't problematic, it's nowhere near as big as a motorcycle helmet for example. For a moderate freefall impact you may want something like memory foam as I'm not sure pure styrofoam would keep you awake, it's pretty darned firm. Brain saving stuff for hitting something hard but in PG that's the ground and you don't have to worry about being awake to pull stable & fly. That's a key design issue I think, freefall impact vs ground impact. But a good amount of space and something light in it to be crushed instead of your brain is definitely an improvement over most skydiving helmets. There seems to be an innate acceptance that pro-tec helmets offer more protection and some jump with them, but that hasn't translated into a market for helmets with good impact protection. Is it the lack of products or the lack of market that's the issue? Chicken or egg?
  11. dorbie


    His butt looks REAL comfortable, and look at the lumbar support. Not as comfy as the attached image of a harness & 3-ring. I wonder if they have anything in common.
  12. dorbie

    Ripped off by an apple dealer

    You sound like you're in Britain. Return it, if they don't take the return threaten trading standards. In future use your CC fior purchases.
  13. dorbie

    What's happened to Aerial Focus?