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  1. tmaricle55

    The Farm in may

    The Farm is always a great place to play! Should be great weather and more than likely some great people to jump with - even during the week!
  2. tmaricle55

    Christmas at the Farm Dec 6-7, '08

    I will be there a few hours on Saturday and then I will be off to Denver, CO on Sunday. Business trip that just HAPPENS to be 20 mins from the TUNNEL!! Who knew that work would pay for my way to get there - good thing I got tunnel time at SKYFEST!
  3. tmaricle55

    LiquidSky Liquid Fest

    What a great excuse to go to FL!! Hope to see you there!
  4. tmaricle55

    July 4th weekend?

    More than likely at the FARM!!
  5. tmaricle55

    Skinnyshrek's Ashdive... attempt # 3 this June

    We will be there!! Would not miss it for the world. I think Lee just wants to see how many times he can get everyone together!
  6. tmaricle55

    Tough luck

    No one said skydiving was going to be easy and I am right there with you! I have had my share of the heavy metal club and continued. It is a personal choice and something you need to figure out if your willing to go through again. You'll find your way no matter what you decide.
  7. tmaricle55

    Goodbye Beezy

    Your page is done and it is something to behold. We hope you're happy with it and it is something you would be proud of. The holidays came and went ... it was not the same without you and Lee. I will do a better job of calling Tracie and checking in. Thank you for all that you have done for us throughout the years. May we always make you proud! PS... We intend on making good on your word!
  8. tmaricle55

    At The Farm this weekend/ 6/29 to 7/1

    Do you HAVE to pick the weekend we are out of town?? That is OK, we love you anyway!!
  9. tmaricle55

    GA... are you ready to invade SDLI?!?

    The server is always busy!! Sounds like a plan.. let me know the details!
  10. tmaricle55

    Newest Deaf AFF graduate!!

    It was great seeing you guys working!! It was wonderful meeting you Billy Vance and your student has so much to learn from you! Can't wait to see you guys back at the farm!! We look forward to the beer you owe!! Congrats and enjoy the sky!!
  11. tmaricle55

    Atlanta Skydiving Center

    Thanks for being a great home DZ... STU, MIKE and JIM your the best. Thanks for a wonderful skydiving experience and getting me hooked! Thanks again!