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  1. please tell me it wasnt kev thats died xxmum
  2. thank u for that love ,lee had a special presence about him ,he cared 110 PER CENT for family true friends and people who needed his help , he was one special person ,,lees mum and dad xx
  3. hi hans love ,were coping love thank u ,,hope everything is ok for u and your family ,if u talk to lee and ask his help ,believe me it will happen ,i know ,ive prooved it time and again ,when ever i need his help ,he shows me a sign , and thats not me cracking up ,i promise ,loyts of love and hugs and xx mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. thank u doug and kimberley ,its very wierd how 4 years on and yet still feels like it was so recent ,still an upward struggle, but he was special so ,maybe its still hard to take in ,lots of love to u both ,is lovely that hes still thought of by his friends ,love u ,mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. im afraid u missed out on some special moments with him ,
  6. hi doug and kimberly, lovely to hear from u ,hope you are both keeping well ,yes lee was avery special person ,and are lives and everyone who was his friend were blessed to have had him in all our lives ,he is so sadly missed ,lots of love to u both xxxxxxxxxxxxmum x
  7. Happy Birthday Lee ,hope u have fun in Heaven weith Bob and Beezy, love and miss u loads ,xxxxxxxxx
  8. thats nice ,hell have been locking his lips ,lol ,we sentup a lantern into the sky ,while the stars were out , we will be setting 3 of them off on the 3rd of january on his birthday , one for lee 1 for bob and one for beezy ,xxx
  9. hi andy love ,nice that lee isnt forgoten ,lots of love to u all xxxxxxx
  10. hi love ,our numbers havent changed ,our home phone number is 00441253 886300,lots of love xx
  11. murder trial is set for 25th august , xxxxxxx to all lees friends hugs xxx
  12. for all lees friends ,the trial starts on 23rd june in tallahasse, im sure lee will be there in spirit to help keep us all strong ,lots of love to u all,xxxxxxxxxxxxx mum
  13. i hope u have fun in heaven with bob and beazy sweetheart, enjoy your birthday ,we love and miss u so much ,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx your in our hearts always,