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  1. mfnren

    Bending elbows

    Um, yea... Good point old chap!
  2. mfnren

    Bending elbows

    I see what you are saying about drag/size= speed. But that description kind of misses some things. Yes, pilot skill plays a large part. If you compare small/large. Say a P3 and a V5 at a set glide angle, the small suit will almost always be slower (except for small angles) because it needs to fly at a higher angle of attack (producing more drag) to produce the lift to get to a set distance. A larger wing that produce more lift will be able to fly a lower angle of attack, therefore cleaner, producing less drag and faster...
  3. mfnren

    Bending elbows

    So you're saying a phantom 3 and a v5 flown by the same pilot, expert in both suits, are basically the same speed? And another question. How many Tonysuits, Squirrels, S-flys, etc have you flown?
  4. mfnren

    exposure for WS landing (MEGASTUNT on ABC)

    I have to say that the humbleness and lack of media whoring by Gary inspire me, even more than his jump. In our time of overexposure, media craving, I wanna be famous culture. It is a breath of fresh air that someone did something so challenging with his own money and the help of his friends. No big money, no f'n commercials and fake hype. Jeb is a nice guy, a good jumper. But as has been said, the jumpers out there doing much more amazing flights for themselves , fun and challenge with no desire for media coverage inspire me way more than Jeb ever will...
  5. mfnren

    Wingsuit Soaring

    Wow, I think you won the best post contest on this thread! For sure the most useful... So if we take what a few advanced pilots are getting as far as sustained descent rate- 15-25 mph and multiply it by 5-7, we get a low end 75 mph to a high end of 150 mph. Those are the speeds we would need to soar a a current wingsuit... Did I do that correctly?
  6. mfnren

    Whats a good price for a GTi?

    I say save your money a little longer and buy a phantom 1 or 2... The extra money is well worth a little extra $. The gti is out dated and you will have way more fun on a more modern suit...
  7. mfnren

    Settings for Canon G10

    Are you guys using the wide angle available for the G10? Or just stock?
  8. mfnren

    Future of wingsuit able to fly up?

    "I will pattent it soon when i start designing my own wingsuit" Remeber this? Seriously man, you remind me of Sangi back in the day before he started jumping. Remember Sangi? Anyway, listen more, talk less. That is my advice to your ignorant ass, there might be suits like your drawing there someday. But you obviously have no idea what the problems associated w/ building one are. Even though you fly paraglider and hang gliders, you under estimate the forces involved. Do you think you are the only paraglider/Hang glider that has an interest in wing suiting? I can count about 5 off the top of my head that have been flying and jumping longer than you have been alive, and even more that currently design wings for the top paragliding manufacturers. Like these guys ( Thats right, the entire Ozone team also fly wing suits, but they don't know anything about flying and building wings compared to you! It ain't as simple as throwing in some carbon fiber spars and extending the aspect ratio...But don't believe us Go fly in the tunnel and prepare to take over the world!
  9. mfnren

    Real life L/D challenge at Eiger

    you won't be going any lower than 3,300 msl, hopefully...
  10. mfnren

    D/L Hall of Fame

    The weather is great, the body however is experiencing heavy downpours of phlem with highs in the 100's...
  11. mfnren

    D/L Hall of Fame

    Post some digits Yuri! how long is your penis? Oh sorry, I meant to say, whats your best L/D?
  12. mfnren

    New Suit

    which suit?
  13. mfnren

    Judging a WRW formation

    Yea, we did ok, never said we didn't . Where were you in the formation? by the person in front of you, do you mean at the front of a diamond? And the distances were greater diagonally?
  14. mfnren

    Judging a WRW formation

    The diamond grid is bigger, but when we were all lying out in the field on our diamonds, we were definetely not 4 m./12 ft. apart. It was alot closer to a meter or a little over, about 4 ft.
  15. mfnren

    Judging a WRW formation

    where's the extra box in the grid? If thats the case, we should all be 4 meters apart, might as well not even be flocking... Maybe I'm the one who is confused?