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  1. Whilst waiting for the opening of our DZ on the Island of Malta we are temporarly based on the sicilian coast just by Pozzallo.
  2. This new DZ is the only permanent DZ in Sicily. Located in the heart of Palermo, walking distance from the main turistic attractions and a few miles from world famous Mondello Beach. During the winter season sunset loads are beach landings and the vibe is incredibile. Sicilian hospitality is amazing and the weather is perfect during autumn, winter and spring. Hot in summer when temperatures exceed 40° C. Landing area is superb and and the DZ Staff very helpfull.The DZ is managed by the guys of THE ZOO and you get the same style as in the other family DZ's.
  3. kamalasound

    THE ZOO, Sicily

    Now it is possible; At just an hour from Rome, you can jump from a plane and drop off accompanied by professional instructors. Find how!
  4. I stuck to 270° till it was evident that I couldn't go farther. Most of my 270is were still much better than most of the 450ers, 630ers out on the field. I am working on 450° now to try and get that extra power that is needed to be up in the top 10. Not that with the 270 I wasn't but for sure I couldn't have done any better especially in distance so my advice is: Stick to a 270° until you are sure that you are it's limit then walk on.
  5. Skydive Thiene or Skydive Salgareda are the closest ones to the place where you will be staying, both of them are very nice, but if you fancy travelling south towards the capital of Italy then you will have to try THE ZOO www.the-zoo.it the fastest growing drop zone in Italy. Nothing can compare ;-) Absolutely the best on the market!!
  6. As dz Manager and owner of THE ZOO, I would like to thank all competitors and organizaers for the awesome days spent in Italy and for the excellent performances given. We hope to see you back in 2010. Ciao
  7. I got an Old Sail 89 fits in a JAV TJNK New Sail 83 fits very veru tight in a TJNK
  8. The place is the new place to be in Italy.
  9. I might be partially interested in this thread, but let me say that south of florence we have opened a brand new Drop Zone that is absolutely rocking!!! Ok I'm the owner therefore I might have a different view to the issue, but here are the details: Brand new Cessna Short Caravan Air conditioned bunk houses end offices Free load organizing Free gear rental for skydivers doing 5 or more jumos per day. open on friday saturday and sundays. Currently turning 18 full loads a day. We are not a tandem factory Check it out THE ZOO www.the-zoo.it
  10. Final rounds on Saturday: Speed Zone Accuracy Distance Going live on national TV
  11. I have an 83 All Sail "new fabric" an 89 All Sail "old fabric" and a 93 ZP. I think that there are huge differences between the 3 canopies having in the All Sail material a much deeper dive and longer recovery. I personally would stick to the All Sail, the new fabric is awesome!!
  12. I copy in full!! let's wait for the JFX and see what happens in speed other than distance ;-))
  13. Guys, in my opinion the issue related to Accuracy with the "old" rules was that to many competitors were having an easy time in scoring high points by avoiding gate 4 and having the canopy fligh high and land with a stand up in zone 5 or pretty close. This was because we could miss gate 4 losing very few points. With the new rules having to drag the last gate will make things more complicated on the landing area and will avoid all those high scores that were killing the other disciplines. Same thing with gathering points on water, because this way the speed and distance guys will have an easier life than with the old rules and will collect more points losing less on the landing. What I mean is that these new accuracy rules might make life easier for the powerfull guys making things tougher for the more precise guys. If this will be the case we will have better results because overall the weight of accuracy will be reduced in comparison to Distance and Speed. If this is the case...........I like the new rules
  14. Final standings of the Italian Swoop Tour 2008 after the last comp held in Fermo from an awesome Ecureil 355 helicopter: 1° Riccardo Paganelli JVX 1° Mario Fattoruso Velocity 3° Ulisse Idra Velocity 4° Marco Canevari Velocity 5° Alessandro Bordini Velocity 6° Armando Fattorus Velocity 7° Ivan Colella Velocity 8° Alessandro Del Cucina Velocity 9° Max Cammattari Velocity 10° Francesco Bonaldi Velocity ecc Thanks to all of the competitors. www.italianswooptour.com
  15. Hey Michaelqld, what's the weather like in S.A.? C U on sunday!!