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  1. No one made any comments on this statement and it caught my eye. I am a new jumper so I am asking some more experienced guys to clarify this. In my (inexperienced) opinion, I would say that getting to a better spot is the last of your worries. If you know the handling of the canopy is questionable, you might be loosing more altitude than you realise. If you cut away and get a good reserve, you can worry about your spot then. If you get a bad reserve, you will need as much altitude as you can get... (?) Once again, newbie opinion. I'm asking not giving advice.
  2. Wow, yes thats wrong... In freefall there are 2 forces working on you... Weight and drag. As you jump out the aeroplane your drag is zero (if you ignore forward speed), so you accelerate downwards. When you reach terminal velocity, your drag is equal to your weight (by definition) and you dont accellerate anymore. Drag is dependant on body possition, surface area, "skin friction" (jump suit), speed, and density. so if you add weights the drag at terminal will have to increase, and all other things equal, this will be done by increasing your speed (terminal velocity). So if you have trouble falling, u have the options of changing body possition, jump suit, and weight... on the otherhand I think the only doesnt change is the time taken to get to terminal (give or take a few split second)
  3. Hey, I wonder if anyone can help me... I'm going to Italy in Jan/Feb next year and hoping to jump a little bit while I'm there. Going to be in the North Eastern region of Friulli Venezia Giulia. (near Venice, and the borders of Austria and Slovenia) Does anyone know of good dz's to go to, and information about them? I've been on the dz reviews, but my italian isn't all that great (reading the websites ) and I was hoping for some recommendations.
  4. The PAC at our drop zone definitely has a line saying "no more than 9 jumpers past this line"... I don't think anyone took too much notice of it until it stalled with a 10 way leaving the aircraft causing a tail strike. Thankfully no one was injured, but I think everyone woke up a bit after that... I'm guessing its a similar incident.
  5. Sorry to say, but that's stupid. Clearly its a fake, and not a very good one at that... a) His mole is symmetrical b) his hair is exactly symmetrical c) the material on his glove is exactly symmetrical d) the sun is shining on the left side of the one's face and the right side of the others face... Nice try
  6. I actually did the math for this a while ago... I know I'm sad Assuming a terminal velocity of 200km/h (125mph), I got: at 10 sec : 190 km/h (118mph) at 11 sec : 193 km/h (120mph) at 12 sec : 195 km/h (122mph) and so on... by then you will hardly notice the difference anyway. That is all making a few assumptions like constant density etc. so not 100% accurate, but not far off. As for that felling of accelerating, I get it every time, but I notice it less and less. Funny thing, I used a weight belt for the first time the other day and it made it feel worse. Obviously the weight belt wont increase the acceleration, but I think that it might make the acceleration last for longer...(i.e. longer until terminal velocity is reached). Second time i used the weight belt I hardly noticed the feeling at all. I recon you just get used to the feeling after a while.
  7. Thanks guys, Ya, I jump at JSC. I just want to finish off my ISP before I start jumping around the country, but I'll be there soon. I suppose you guys in CT must have some fantastic views, but does the wind ever stop for long enough to jump
  8. Hi all, I'm new to this site and a newbie to jumping too. Really enjoying the information available through the articles and forums on this site. I recently finished my student progression (went the static line route) and my last jump was the 1st in my Intermediate skills progression... Getting there slowly, but loving it So far I've loved every single jump, each one learning something new. can't wait to get licensed and start moving into specific disciplines. Blue skies