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  1. Nothing happens. Its like PMB doesn't recognize the format. I find the calendar setting on PMB really handy to look things up and would like to be able to store everything there for that option. I also like the option to capture stills from my video. I shoot video with about everything I do, not just skydiving.
  2. I have a Sony Handycam that came with the PMB software to load and edit the footage. I now have a GoPro Hero HD. I would like to be able to store all my footage in one place but cant seem to get anything from the GoPro to load to the PMB program. I have tried to reformat the MP4 to AVCHD, AVI and several other formats, but nothing will load. I have even used a couple of different software programs to reformat. Please dont make too much fun of me... Im a little out of touch on hi tech things. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  3. Ive got a pair of Fox Polar Paw neoprene MX gloves. Im not sure exactly how thick they are, but they are thin enough to feel everything comfortably yet thick enough to keep me warm long enough to jump. Im always open to suggestions though.
  4. Hello Hal Welcome! I know exactly how you feel and how easy it is to get hooked. Now all you need to do is get signed up for lessons and start jumping. Have fun with it and be sure to listen to your instructors.
  5. Thank you all once again for your input on this subject. All of your comments have given me things to think about and Ive already discussed many of them with the DZO his training staff and my rigger. My goal, and I assume everyone on here has a similar goal with skydiving, is to have a great time and live to do it again. Ive always believed that education is extremely important.
  6. Hello, and welcome! I hope I dont sound stupid, but Im not sure where the PC area is... I can tell you that I have had several great weekends jumping at Skydive Utah in Tooele. Jack and the crew made sure I was taken care of and looked after my every need. I do have to admit that I was fresh off student status, but they seemed to handle the students good too. As a noob sport jumper Jack let his experienced guys know about my lack of skills and they all were really helpful and looked out for me. If they arent too far away give em a try!
  7. Congrats on passing AFF!!! 42 is not old. At least I hope 42 is not old... Ill be there in about 8 months. Granny in the sky is a great person to jump with! Ask her about doing a tube exit out of the Caravan... If you get the chance make a few jumps with her. Shes awsome! Welcome!
  8. Thank you for that link. I also put a link on his so he can read what others have commented on here.