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  1. My motto for life: Beer has food value, but food has no beer value
  2. Howdy. I may be just an ill-informed kid in Utah (sorry long story) but this makes no sense to me..."Corliss's immodest proposal: Skip the parachute. Cut the umbilical and achieve one of mankind's most ancient and enticing dreams—unpowered human flight, no external contraption required." Hmmmmm........ I could look up the definition of external contraption but I am going to go out on a limb but I think a "Wingsuit" would suffice. Hell anyone that has ever swam in any sort of water has experienced "Flight". You could be completely naked and experience flight by tracking. Hell in freefall you are generating some sort of lift at altitude because your body displaces air. I could get into this a lot more and apologize for my rant but shit like this really pisses me off. I do not know this person, and I may very well have made a huge mistake posting this, but I feel the commercialization of falling through the sky has become too much. Hell its not the fall its that sudden stop that will mess ya up. Word Turd, Kyle
  3. Here is Colby, if I knew how to re-size I would have more...
  4. Hsve you every heard of Dynastar/Lange? We a??ll shop at walmart, why the fuck not? They save me a buck, I save them a buck. PERIOD
  5. Hmmm, a card and a photograph. Does anyone on here not have a drivers license, state I.D., or passport? Seems like your covered. ~Kyle
  6. You probably don't know who I am but if you wanna hit up PC let me know, I have some friends at UOP and would definately be more than happy to go headfirst down an icy slope. Also If you want to bobsled I work with Steve Holcomb's father and could possibly get a pretty fast "non tourist" ride down the track. If you ski at all let me know for I can get you passes to PCMR and DV. Also if you need a place to crash I live about 5 minutes from UOP. ~Kyle
  7. I forgot to add, invest in a good set of brushes, again price is not cheap, when all is said and done if you are going to be waxing yourself, and want to do it as well as a good reputable shop you are looking at an investment of approx. $500-$700 dollars. If you live in a little town in west virginia for example though you only need about $200 dollars to get as good a job. ~Kyle
  8. Personally I don't agree with the 90 degree edge setup (I mean if your gonna do edges yourself its best to do it right) If your going to do it on a regular basis invest in a 1 degree guide (89 degrees depending on manufacturer) for your bases and either 2 Degree or use the 1 degree on your side. I have found that I enjoy a 1 degree/2 degree the most. I would then get either a ceramic stone file or a fine 70 mm to detune your tips and tails and a hard gummy stone to detune the rest of the edge. I will warn you that this whole setup is approx. $200 so depending on how often you ski it may be more cost effective to use a shop (the shop I work at charges $20 for an edge grind and ch wax). I use swix HFBW7, HFBW6, or a combination of both the most. I would advize the novice skier to use ch in these temperatures because the price difference is staggering $350 and $30 respectively for the same quantity. I have been working in ski shops for nearly 6 years now so if you have any questions or tips on how to do it cheap feel free to PM me. Also if you find a shop that has a "Hot Box" I would suggest at the beginning of the season you have them leave it in there for a day or two because it is the equivalent to about 7-8 waxes. Depending on where you live/ski you may have trouble finding a shop that is equipped with one. By the way, where do you live/ski because this could change a lot of our advice. ~Kyle
  9. Probably your best resource on the web. [/url]www.swixschool.com[url]
  10. Definately, working in a ski shop in Park City UT I have a lot of interaction with the skiing athletes so I gotta cheer them on. If ya'll could send good vibes to my friend Heather McPhie who will be competing in moguls tomorrow and because of an awsome year she is currently ranked #2 in the world and has an excellent chance of medaling Yeehaw. ~kyle
  11. I have a 100 ton master captains license with towing and sailing endorsement. Feel free to send me an email with any questions. The biggest concerns with most charter companies are experience. Let me know some details and I am more than happy to advise. [email protected] ~Captain Kyle
  12. So 8 year plan=my first jump 5 years ago and due to the sparcity of available funds and distance to the closest dz still only at my level five...but probably have to atleast repeat 4 at this point since it has been a while. PC area is the Park City are so I am equi-distant between ogden and tooele. Due to my ability to be young and stupid and live in amazing places I have been able to jump at some fun DZs like SD New England, Bay Area Skydiving and up at Kapowsin and have thus far enjoyed all places so far (some more than others however) Thanks for the advice ~Kyle
  13. Well, just moved to Utah full-time in the PC area. Im on the 8 year AFF Plan and hopefully now that I have some extra cash to throw around I will be able to finish. Anyone have any suggestions on dropzones to take aforementioned cash? Now based on my history I may have some time to go a couple places and don't mind driving if it will incorporate some other of my hobbies (climbing, boating, biking). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers, Kyle
  14. Just wondering are you doing this with Zephyr? I live a mile from where they head off to go rafting, and if you have space available I may be up for it. Also if you guys are looking for a place to have some beers I will shamelessly have to plug the Yosemite Bug since I work there and the we have six beers on Tap and lots of wine and great food. Plus just a mile from where you park aslong as its the same as last year. www.yosemitebug.com. ~Kyle