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  1. Hey all, So it's averaging around -2 (Celcius) up here in Kelowna, BC. I'm DYING... DYING to make my first jump, which I think will be Tandem just so I can enjoy the ride without stressing over everything. Are winter jumps enjoyable? Should I wait until summer when it's 35 C? Thanks so much, Kelly
  2. ............... So how 'bout them Canucks!? ............... This conversation is so far above my head it makes me dizzy
  3. Lemmie just say that I didn't read the entire thread, just a few posts here and there. I agree there should be no shame in epilepsy whatsoever. And that epileptics (please don't go politically correct on me, I've heard it) should have a right to participate in whatever they feel safe doing, even if it might not actually be so. HOWEVER it is something completely different to endanger another human being or even make him or her fear for their lives or safety (within reason). People DO need to be given the choice. They might be total dicks for not listening to reason, but at least they have a choice. I feel, always give people a choice when their safety is an issue. Doesn't mean you have to like what they choose.
  4. It's skydiving which had a kick in the nuts while dating a pornstar...... I'm having a really fun time trying to decipher that one there. Good job ;) Good to hear this sport isn't like ballet with an age limit of 26.
  5. Well I gotta say nothing I've read so far has brought me up as much. Thank you! I was starting to really doubt ever being able to fly (especially with mom, dad, little brother, boyfriend, cousin, and countless friends saying 'uhh, good luck'). Not that it wasn't gonna keep me from trying :D I didn't think it was that 'cheap.' A guy I know said he did a tandem jump for $350 Canadian. So of course I start doing math and well, 200 x 350 = way more than what I have. I had never heard of S/L but I like the sounds of it. Thanks!
  6. Why do I have an image of my crappy two euro umbrella during the windiest September day in Ireland??? :S
  7. So here's my stats: Years in the biz: 0 Jumps: 0 Time spent researching: 2 weeks n00b! I know. I saw that highly famous loic jean-albert film and well, it's my new life goal. Replacing all of becoming a top snowboarder, owning a ski hill, running at least five field-schools in archaeology world-wide, and buying a house with a pool combined. I WANT TO FLY! Wingsuit BASE jumping... What I'm wondering is how long does it take to go from being completely inexperienced to being comfortable BASE jumping in a wingsuit? I'm 22 now, I graduate this november, and until I start working in 2010 am going to be living off $1000 (*tear*). So lets just call 2009 a 'research' year, shall we? How old am I going to be before I REALLY hit the sky, do you think? Who is the oldest wingsuit flier to date (sorry, I'm sure that one might turn up on google somewhere. I'm just being lazy right now)? Also, since wingsuit BASE jumping IS the ultimate goal, what would be the smartest way of going about getting there? Do I start with skydiving and then turn to BASE jumping? Since I really want to paraglide as well, would that be of any asset? If this has all been answered a million times before on the boards, I'm sorry. I just joined and it's 5am and I want to get all my questions out before I forget them ;) Thanks, Kelly
  8. Thanks Jakee! I tend to get a little gung-ho with new-found goals. I think the word is 'rash.' Hey is your quote from Dr. Strangelove, by any chance?
  9. Hey all, my name's Kelly, I'm new. I watched a really good loic jean-albert video about a month back and the wingsuiting (which I had never seen before) hooked me. Since then I've been reading all I can about what it will take for me to do be able to do that. Apparently you need a BARE minimum of 100 jumps in, though most places say 200. I haven't even done one. I understand that, in skydiving, the plane is going so fast that when you jump out you hit a cushion of air and therefore don't get that feeling you do when you go cliffjumping. That dropping, nauseous, stomachy feeling. And that's awesome. So when it comes to BASE jumping I can only assume you would get that feeling. I get it really bad (I don't even like the high diving board - and it's not because of fear of heights/falling). What I'm wondering is if it is possible to overcome the sick falling feeling. And if so, how long does it take? Any advice? If there are no BASE jumpers here, could you maybe point me in a direction where there may be some? Thanks, Kelly