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  1. Thanks for all the replies guys! Very interesting. I have a somewhat better understanding now. I will definitely do some of my own experimenting with this once I get started in the sport. Its very interesting to me reading all these replies. Keep them coming
  2. Hey, I’m Jakub and new here. I have always been fascinated with flight ever since I was born. This human flight thing is very fascinating to me. I have watched all the youtube vids of it and all. I plan on trying it out myself in the near future. One question I have for you guys is; Why don’t I see wing suits with more surface area? Here I did a quick pic on MS paint of a suit I think would provide a much better glide ratio with an additional 50% more surface area. Adding this surface area shouldn’t change the COG much and looks very possible to me. So why have I yet to see a suit like this? Or is there some already that I have not seen? Thanks, Jakub