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  1. apoil

    What's best freefly rig?

    Very irresponsible to call those "pullouts" They are all BOC with different style handles. I've never heard those referred to as "pullout handles" only as "freefly handles". The "pullout system" has a similar style handle but the pilot chute is packed into the container closed with a straight pin. Even with that all clarified there's no need to have a "freefly handle" or a "pullout system" in order to safely freefly. It comes down to individual preference.
  2. apoil

    I can't fly in a stand . . .

    Practice a little bit at a time. You are basically just practicing a stronger sit. Push your legs down until you start to lose stability. As soon as you feel that, tuck up, recenter and push back down into your SIT. You are training yourself in having SIT be your recovery for stand (and everything else) Not everyone can punch all the way into a stand right away. I sure couldn't. So keep practicing that recovery. Each time, you will be able to push down a little bit further, and recover a little bit quicker. Eventually, your "recovery" will be so quick that it looks like a transition. And eventually you will be all the way in a stand and holding it. The skills that you have developed along the way are essential for any group vertical flying as well as for eventually learning head down.
  3. apoil

    world champs team #'s

    Freestyle has always been more prominent in world competition. Perhaps all the freefly teams are training for vrw 4way?
  4. apoil

    skyball without a tail??

    Biggest con I can think of is that it will only ever fall at one speed, so you better get it right the first time. By putting a long tail on one, you can gradually increase the speed by trimming the tail. Also, if the weight is packed too losely inside the ball it might jiggle around too much in freefall. A tail compensates for that a little. A ball that falls too slow is generally easier to catch than one that falls too fast. You can always go on your belly. You can belly fly like nobody's business can't you? If not you shouldn't be ball mastering. You can always go on your feet. You can sit fly and grab a ball with one hand can't you? If not, you shouldn't be ball mastering, at least not with an untested skyball. But if a ball is super fast, you might be in a speed dive just to stay relative to it - then you've got to stick out a hand or two to grab it. Also a tail doesn't just look cool, it gives you that much more of a visual on the ball in case you lose sight of it while doing a transition. When I ball master I NEVER take my eyes off the ball for the entire jump.